5 Things To Do The Day You Move Into A New Home

When you move into a new house, these are the things you should do first. #moving #movintips #hacks #relocation #relocating #house #home  #packiing


I know what the “statistics” say, but I disagree. Having done it enough times to have lost a years worth of sleep, I’m pretty sure moving into a new house is the most stressful thing any mortal human can go through. But it’s not just the packing everything away, doing a deep clean, loading everything into a van and repeating the process in reverse at the other end; it’s remembering to do certain things when you finally touch down in your new place.



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It’s more overwhelming than winning the lottery, but instead of the obvious upside that comes with the winning Lotto ticket, moving home is all about wracked nerves and exhaustion. That’s why I’ve gone and done the martyr-like thing of pulling together your essential list of things to do as soon as you’ve moved into a new house. It will do that cliché thing of turning frowns upside down. Yippee.


Make Sure Your Utilities Are Working At The New House

No one wants to spend their first night in a new place having a candlelit cold shower because the utility company hasn’t turned on your utilities. So as soon as you arrive, check to make sure everything is on. Then make all the calls you have to in order for your trash collection, electricity needs, water wants and gas desires are met by the companies in charge.

Acclimatize Children And Pets

This might seem like an exciting new chapter in your life, but for your kids and pets, the adventure is going to feel terrifying. You’re moving into unfamiliar surroundings. To counter this, focus on getting your kid’s bedroom made up first and get all your pet’s favorite toys, treats and blankets out so they have some sense of familiarity. Anything that will make your little-loved ones feel safe.


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Pop Some People On Speed Dial

Using the 4G on your phone, have a look for some 24 hour emergency plumbers and electricians in your area. As much as you may have checked the place thoroughly before you signed on all those dotted lines, you don’t want to be met with a burst pipe in the middle of the night or a faulty fuse box and not know who to call. It just ain’t worth it.



Change The Locks When You Move Into A New Home

You have absolutely zero idea who has a key to your home. None. Zilch. Nada. The old owners-slash-tenants could have handed one out to the next door neighbor, the old maintenance man, their gardener, colleagues at work, anyone. So call a locksmith pronto and have them change the locks. If this is going to take some time, you might want to consider popping on a deadbolt, you know, just to make sure. You can also get this door jammer to keep until you can get the locks changed.


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Fill Your Fridge

A happy home is one that has a full to the brim fridge. So get all your boxes and whatnot in and then head to your local grocery store. Fill your fridge and cupboards with all the items that will make you feel at home. You’ll also get the chance to cook a homemade meal on the first night, which will make you feel super clean after a day of sweating and getting filthy.


When you move into a new house, these are the things you should do first. #moving #movintips #hacks #relocation #relocating #house #home  #packiing


I’ve moved into a new house more times than I can count. These tips are worth taking the time to take care of. If you’re planning a move soon, good luck!

Written by: Devon


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