4 Habits Of Happy Homemakers

Four habits of happy homemakers.



Homemaking, like anything else, can become tiresome and irritating. It’s not like we are born to love being a homemaker. Follow one or all of these four tips to become a happier homemaker.


I love being a homemaker but at times I get in a rut and get sick of it. Cleaning up messes, cooking, laundry, dishes….. The list is endless.



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4 Habits Of Happy Homemakers




1. Make to-do lists everyday or multiple times per day. Write every single thing you have to do on that list. By making a list you won’t have a million thoughts running through your head all day. Simply tackle your list and cross things off. I have some amazing homemaking bundles and to-do lists that you can checkout here. This brings me to tip number two.


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2. Cut yourself some slack. If you can’t accomplish everything on your to-do list, pick the most important things and do those. There’s always tomorrow so don’t stress. You’re not superwoman and cannot expect perfection from yourself all the time. Life happens and we get busy with other things.


3. Meal-plan and make one night a week or more a night for leftovers. By eliminated the need to cook a few nights a week you’ll free up some time to either relax or catch up on your to-do list. Check out these meal-planners, I use them every week.


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4. Find ways to make it fun. Set a timer for 20 minutes and race the timer, seeing how much you can check off on your list in those 20 minutes. Maybe try a new cleaner or dish soap with an amazing smell. By the way, I get all my cleaning products here and save so much time and money. You can check out my post on must have cleaning products here.


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The main thing to remember about being a happy homemaker is, homemaking isn’t about have a super clean house all the time. It’s not about having a house that looks like all those Instagram pictures or magazines. Homemaking is about taking care of your home and family. It’s about creating a comfortable and healthy living environment for you and your family.

What do you do to stay happy as a homemaker? Any tips or tricks?


Four habits of happy homemakers.


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  1. Michelle Miller | 27th Feb 19

    Great tips! I’m a huge list maker. ?

    • dbern582@gmail.com | 27th Feb 19

      Thanks, me too!

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