Is Your Home Really Modern?

Is Your Home Really Modern?

Staircase and Bathroom Remodeling

Is your house really modern?



Every time you open your front door you should be greeted with a feeling of warmth and comfort. We’re at a moment in time where home design is really waiting in limbo. Exterior architecture, ultimately always has the final say of what the interior design trends will be. But since architecture is going through a time where it doesn’t know itself and what to do next, that leaves most people a bit lost.

What kind of home interior is really modern? If you’re looking for straight lines and sharp edges together with flat surfaces then the post-modern design will suit you just fine. Perhaps the design in terms of shapes, sizes and artistry doesn’t come into it. Modernity now is all about materials and once plush materials becoming more affordable. The average size of kitchen counters may still be relatively the same, but now full marble slabs, mahogany hardwood sheets, travertine and honed granite are readily available to buy. Any home can be transformed from simple and stale, to plush and luxurious.

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Crossing the bridge


Most of us don’t pay much attention to our staircase. Why should we care, when it’s purely there for practical reasons right? Caring about your home isn’t about impressing anybody else, it’s about living in a home that is truly, utterly, completely of your own making. The staircase is the bridge we cross from the ground floor to the first floor. It’s a transitional part of our home interior, one that transports us from a place of leisure to one of comfort and relaxation. So why shouldn’t it be given a makeover or remodeling just like we would for any other part of the home?


Modern stairs are really an experiment of testing the strength of minimalist design together with strong but skeletal material usage. Flat hardwood planks, simple matte metal railings and tempered glass sheets as protection along the sides is the epitome of modern staircase philosophy. Sounds simple, and that’s because it is. The glass will reflect and absorb the lights, playing with the tones of the hallway. Wire railing protection is also a simple yet cost-effective choice. Engineered wood and oak are the two most popular materials for the steps.

Space and contented

Bathrooms are second place to the bedroom for outright personalization. Both these rooms are the places in the home that we often get fully naked. It’s therefore an intimate room by its very nature. We’re at our most vulnerable both physically and mentally. Baroque design was truly one of awe and grandiose design when it came to bathrooms. It was the classic European feel of emotion, elegance and boastful exuberance. For the modern design however, space and decent materials are the two most important things. Nowadays consumers are happy to choose stainless steel sinks over golden angels captured in marble tiles. It’s the cheapest room to remodel in all the home. A modern bathroom remodeling contractor will supply you with a range of material options, sizes of showers, sinks, toilets, baths and even windows. Their aim will also be to make the room more functional. Internal wall storage spaces, smart-design towel racks, drawers, cabinets and mirrors are all part of creating the bespoke modern feel for your home.

Is your bathroom for a guest, the family, for luxury, or just the downstairs half bath? The dimensions the crew remodeling will be working with is important and space is a value in and of itself. Modern designers are absolutely keen to make sure that every square-meter of home you own, is providing you with the maximum about of space. Neutral colors are the only palette you’ll be choosing from as the modern concept is to be elegantly minimalist. Two sinks are better than one, and if you have the space for them it’s a recommended remodeling choice. Metal and wooden handles for the drawer are frequent but clear acrylic is also an option. Lighting is broken up and no longer reliant purely a central bulb. Lighting over and under the mirrors, over the top of the shower, on the walls siding the bath are just a few kinds of styles you can have.


Anyone can have splendor in their home as long as they can afford it. Start off simple by no longer neglecting the staircase. Great quality hardwood steps and a mixture of steel and glass drag your entrance and hallway to the most recent decade of style. A remodeled bathroom with space and style in mind, does the exact same but on a larger scale.

Is your house really modern?

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