15 Month Blog Report… Finding New Ways To Make Money

15 Month Blog Report

Finding New Ways To Make Money

Month 15 blog income report.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog report. I have to admit that during the last few months I considered giving up on blogging. Despite my doubts I kept at it and discovered some new ways of making money and growing my blog. I really do love blogging but it has it’s moments when it’s stressful and seems to be going nowhere.

Well here it is!

Since I skipped writing blog reports for a few months I’ll be using my 10 month blog report and comparing it to my current status.

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In month 10 my blogging goals were:

  • Write and publish five blog posts

  • Create ten affiliate pins

  • Create four new pins for old posts

  • Focus on Pinterest

Obviously in the last five months I’ve accomplished these goals and more. Focusing on Pinterest was a big one for me. I did lots of research on Pinterest strategies and even took a class called Pin to Profit. The course was incredibly helpful. After implementing the strategies in the course my Pinterest traffic exploded.

Another thing I did to increase my Pinterest reach as well as make my life easier was to sign up for Tailwind. I had thought about signing up for months but couldn’t justify paying money. Let me tell you, it’s totally worth it. I have three kids at home and cannot pin all throughout the day everyday. Not only that but Tailwind custom creates a schedule for your pins to get you the most views.

Get a free month of Tailwind here!!!

Let’s Look at my social media followers now.

Pinterest:  Dec 2,504 June 3,229

Twitter:  Dec 3,322 June 3,825

Facebook:  Dec 265 June 298

Instagram:  Dec 2,374 June 2,583

Page Views:  Dec 5,471 June 11,973

As you can see, my followers increased on every platform, maybe not as much as I had hoped though. Like I said, I really on focused on Pinterest the last few months.

Now let’s look at my income.

AdSense:  Dec $368.99 June $150

Amazon:  Dec $30.66 June $80.28

Flex Offers:  Dec $0 June $0

Izea:  Dec $20 June $0

Social Native: Dec $35 June $0

Linqia:  Dec $0 June $200.40

Shopstyle: I haven’t gotten a payout from them yet but have continued to earn money with them.

Heartbeat: Dec $20 June $0

Activate: June $0

SoFluential: June $0

Find Your Influence: June $30

Other Sponsored/Paid Posts: June $105

Total Income:  Dec $474.65 June $565.68

My income has increased but is coming from mostly different sources. After Christmas I had a huge drop in Google AdSense income. It is just now recovering. I have found a few programs that I really like and work with regularly from this list. There are some on this list I don’t apply for much anymore, simply because they seem to be a waste of time for me.

I work with:

  • Amazon

  • Shopstyle

  • AdSense

  • Social Native

  • Linqia

  • Heartbeat

  • Activate

  • Find Your Influence

  • SoFluential

  • I also write and publish other paid content

My top posts for June were:

How To Love Being A Homemaker

Textured Knitted Dishcloth

Six Ways To Make A House Feel Like Home

If you haven’t started a blog yet but would like to, check out How To Start A Mom Blog.

Blogging Tips and Advice:

  • Don’t get discouraged if you’re not getting many page views or making much money. The truth is that it can take years to make a decent amount of money. I have hopes of making a fulltime income at some point. Many bloggers will tell you that they started making tons of money in the first few months. Maybe that’s true for them but they are the exception.

  • Learn something new everyday. Whether you’re buying courses like Pin for Profit or simply reading posts on Pinterest for free, continue to research and learn.

  • Focus on quality and content over profit. You’ll gain more loyal followers by writing quality content for your audience.

  • Be yourself. Your readers want to know what you have to say not a copy and paste of someone else.

  • Solve a problem for your readers. What problem does your reader have that you could help them with? Maybe it’s potty training or keeping their house clean.


My goals for the next few months are the same as they’ve always been. Grow my following, write quality content to publish once a week, learn new strategies and make more money.

Finding new ways to make money blogging. Month 15 blog income report.

Hopefully this post was helpful to you.

What blogging goals, tips or advice do you have?

Written by: Devon


  1. Laura | 9th Jul 18

    I really appreciate this post! I’ve just crossed over the 6 month mark of blogging, and would be thrilled if I was generating as much income as you were in month 10 (right now, it’s the very occasional Amazon sale & I’m lucky if it generates enough to buy me a coffee each month!).

    • dbern582@gmail.com | 9th Jul 18

      Congrats on 6 months of blogging! It takes time but one thing I can tell you for sure is to not focus too much on the money. When you do it’s easy to lose the joy you find in blogging. Write what you like and be real and eventually the money will come.

  2. This Mum At Home | 11th Jul 18

    Oh I had missed your blog after the changes to InfMum on FB and thought to look you up tonight 🙂 Glad you have kept up with your blog I always enjoy reading your posts … and a income report! Love those lol I stopped doing mine as well I may have to pick them up again 🙂

    • dbern582@gmail.com | 11th Jul 18

      Glad you stopped by!

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