Decorating With Modern Map Art

Decorating With Modern Map Art

Decorating with Modern Map Art.



Decorating and redecorating my home is something that I do often. I find that over time my décor taste changes. For this reason I look for timeless décor items. I was recently approached by Custom Map Art and asked to review their Custom Star Map Night Sky.

For this post I was given a free Custom Star Map in exchange for writing this post. The opinions are all my own and I wouldn’t be sharing this with you if it wasn’t something I completely love. If you purchase a Custom Star Map through the links in this post I will receive a commission.

What is Custom Star Map Night Sky?

In a nutshell, Custom Star Map Night Sky is a beautiful print that captures specific events in your life. If can be the birth of a child, wedding date or any special date you want to capture. When creating your Star Map, they use a star database to find out exactly what the night sky looked like on the particular date you choose. Cool huh?

What are the options when creating your Custom Star Map?

There are so many customization options when creating a Star Map Night Sky.

  • Choose from a poster, framed poster or canvas.

  • Sized from 8×10 to 24×36

  • Several different color options

  • Enter the name of the place where the event took place.

  • You input the specific date.

  • You give your Star Map Night Sky a title.

  • Choose from five different fonts.

  • Create a message to go under the title.

As far a shipping goes it takes only a few days to get your Star Map Night Sky in the mail. Personally, I received mine three days after placing my order. Oh and shipping is FREE!


Why do you need to order a Custom Star Map Night Sky print?

Ok this one has too many answers to list, but I’ll try.

  • They make a great gift. For example: graduation, a birth, a wedding, engagement date, retirement… The possibilities are endless.

  • I found the quality to be amazing. I’m usually a DIY kind of person but this is something I definitely could not duplicate as far as quality goes.

  • Decorate your home with one of a kind art. Because you create the Star Map Night Sky, the dates and information displayed on it are unique to you.

  • The customer service is amazing.

Here’s a look at my Custom Star Map Night Sky.

Custom Star Map Night Sky

Custom Star Map Night Sky

Custom Star Map Night Sky

So where can you get your Custom Star Map Night Sky?

That’s easy! Click here to check them out and order yours!

Custom Map Art offers other print products as well. To see more products click here.

Decorating with Modern Map Art.

Written by: Devon



  1. Linnea | 13th Jul 18

    This would be a great gift for a professor, or teacher too! Thanks!

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