Never Judge A House By Its Cover

Never judge a house by it's cover. You've heard the saying ' don't judge a book by its cover', well the same is trur for a house. #home #house #tips #tricks #buyingahouse

In life, we’re always told that we shouldn’t judge books by their covers. First appearances are only skin deep, after all, and it’s what’s inside that matters most of all. But, despite how often we’re warned, we’d be lying if we said that first impressions didn’t go some way towards forming lasting opinions. More often than not, the idea we form of someone within the first thirty seconds is the one which sticks. Sometimes, the person in question will manage to change our minds along the way. But, more often than not, an instant feeling of dislike can ensure a relationship fails to get off the ground. Well, unless you’re Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy, of course…

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The first impression importance doesn’t only apply to people. Many of us buy everything from our food to our houses based on the packaging they come in. If a house looks good from the outside, we’re more likely to warm to it and consider it as a future home. And, in many ways, that makes complete sense. You need something to dictate which houses you take seriously, after all. And, most of us only click on property listings with appealing exteriors.

Applying the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ attitude could go a long way towards helping in your house hunt. In fact, it’s fair to say you should never judge a property by its exterior appearance, and we’re going to look at a few of the reasons why.

You pay over the odds for a pretty package

When it comes to property value, exterior appearance has more impact than you’d realize. In fact, a picturesque property can cost a significant amount more than one with a more ‘rustic’ exterior. That’s why country cottage-style properties are always a whole load more expensive. Something as simple as a pretty paint color or a fancy window frame can boost value like you wouldn’t believe. Given that saving is a top priority for most homeowners, this point is well worth your attention. In most cases, it would certainly be worth thinking about which of the two is the most important to you. When it comes down to it, few people will choose an attractive exterior over more money in the bank. To prove the severity of this point, hunt for houses online. Take note of the difference in price between ‘pretty’ options, and more basic designs. It shouldn’t take long for you to see how vast a price difference exterior can have, even with homes in the same areas. Ask yourself seriously whether that’s a price you’re willing to pay.


Never judge a house by it's cover.


You don’t have to look at the exterior

Another thing worth bearing in mind is that you don’t actually have to look at the exterior of the property. Sure, you have to face it when you arrive home. But, ultimately, isn’t it more important that you love the home you’re in once you’re in it? In the same way that first impressions of people are only skin deep, the first impression of a house has no impact on the quality of the interior. Discarding a home from your list just for a lousy exterior is foolish. After all, internally, that property could have everything you’re after and more. It could be the dream house you can’t find anywhere else. Given the fact you only see the interior, it shouldn’t be difficult to overlook an imperfect outside appearance. So, stop letting bad exteriors stop you in your tracks. Instead, look at the interior pictures, and book a viewing if things seem hopeful. You may still arrive and decide it’s not for you, but even the ugliest shell could have the most beautiful center. You’ll never even know if you look past those first impressions.

Fitting into a nice neighborhood is better than a pretty house

It’s also worth bearing in mind that, in a neighborhood setting, your house’s exterior is likely in keeping with the rest of the street. With that in mind, fitting into a nice neighborhood should always be a priority. In fact, the only time exteriors should matter in house buying is when an area is undesirable. High crime rates, for instance, are a turn off for most. But, if you find an area with fantastic community spirit, outside appearances really shouldn’t matter. In fact, on viewing the property, you may even see that the appearance isn’t half as bad as you thought, especially if every other house looks the same. Better to blend in with a beautiful area than have a ‘pretty’ house which sticks out and excludes you from the community.

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Exterior issues are often easiest to fix

In the grand scheme of things, you’re actually better with a bad exterior than a bad interior. Why? Because exterior issues are the easiest to fix. If you need to do interior work, it could involve significant renovations and lengthy processes. There are walls, pipes, and windows to consider. In short; it’ll be a royal pain in your backside. Exterior issues, however, can often seem like a walk in the park. Sometimes, a little paint is all it takes to change the outlook. If that’s not for you, a company like Wildwood could help you transform a bland stone façade into a cedar wonder with their siding. Or, you could go all out with the latest trend of a colorful front door. Even something as simple as a little landscaping can make all the difference. Think of this as the makeup of your house. For the most part, exterior renovations and improvements are subtle and easy to achieve. Rather that than cutting to the heart of things with interior enhancements because you bought a house for its pretty shell. All you need to do is keep this in mind during viewings. As soon as you gain an idea of the exterior, consider simple ways you can improve it. Within a few weeks of moving in, you could have the whole package with no real effort on your part. In fact, when you consider that pretty exteriors boost house prices, you could even look at making yourself money by thinking this way. It really is a no-brainer!

Personal touches transform everything

Remember that personal touches transform everything, including your exteriors. This is a fact most of us are good at remembering when it comes to looking inside a house. We picture our furniture in place of what’s there and start redecorating the place as soon as we walk inside. But, this is a skill many of us don’t apply to exterior appearance. If that sounds familiar to you, it’s past time for a change. Instead of discarding an unpleasant outside appearance, apply that thinking here. With the right mindset, you’ll soon see that even something as simple as your curtains could make a change here. Small personal additions such as flower boxes on the windows can also bring a house to life. So, though it might not look how you’d like it now, think harder how that exterior would look after you moved in. The chances are that house won’t look like such a no-go after all.

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The chance to impress

It’s also worth bearing in mind that it’s easier to impress with your interior if your exterior leaves something to be desired. It may be a strange way of looking at things. But, when you add this silver lining to the other points, first impressions don’t seem half as important. Consider it; a striking exterior sets guests up to expect a specific appearance inside. But, if your surface is more modest in appearance, even a basic interior design is sure to blow guests out of the water. This is worth bearing in mind for a few different reasons. Firstly, if you love hosting, this could be a fantastic way to wow your guests without fail. It’s also worth noting that this could again save you money. Forget spending a fortune to match your interiors to outside appearance. This way, even basic interior décor could work wonders.

You've heard the saying 'don't judge a book by its cover' , well the same is true for a house. #tips #tricks #house #homebuying #decor #interiordesign

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