Are you wasting space at home?

Are you wasting space in your home? Tips and tricks to make the most of a small space. #tips #tricks #home #storgae #organization #smallhome #minimalism

Just about everyone shares the feeling that they could do with having just a little bit more space in their home. Of course, not everyone is thinking that from the same starting point. Someone living alone in a two-bedroom house might want more room. But the truth is that they probably have more than enough, to begin with. However, if you’ve got a whole family living in a small home, the need for more space is probably going to be more understandable. Just because you want more space doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to get it. The truth is that not all of us have the kind of budget that can allow for being able to have as much space as we want. So what are you supposed to do? Well, the only thing you can do is to make the most of it. That’s certainly much easier said than done. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. It might take a little bit of work, but here are a few ways that you can make a smaller home more comfortable for the whole family.

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Don’t forget about the outside

One important thing to remember is that your home isn’t just made up of the interior space. The outside space is also something that you should take into account as well. After all, if you want to get a bit of extra space, there are plenty of outdoor storage options available to you. Even if you don’t have that much space in your yard, it’s worth thinking about how you can use it to free up some space inside your home.

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Get creative

There are plenty of really creative things that you can do in order to achieve the same kinds of storage solutions as other people within a much smaller space. One thing that you can do is to try to embrace vertical space as much as horizontal space. One of the best examples of this is something like a floating bookshelf that allows you to use the empty space on your walls to store your books. Not only that but you could try similar ideas for storing things like dry goods, spices, and other cooking ingredients. By using wall space as an area for storage, you’re able to free up huge amounts of space.


Keep the place tidy

One of the fastest ways to make a small space feel even smaller is to leave it untidy. Cluttered floors and unmade beds can make even the largest space feel a lot less spacious than they might otherwise. The old saying that a tidy house creates a tidy mind is definitely true. Make sure that there is a place for everything and that everything is in its right place.

If you’re living in a small space and there’s junk all over the floors then the chances of someone tripping over and getting hurt are going to go through the roof! If you’re not using an item it can be packed away until you need it again. For example, if you only use your blender once a month, then there is no sense having it cluttering your counter. Put it in a cupboard instead.

Invest in some storage for toys

If you have kids you know just how much room toys can take up. I cannot stand it when there are toys all over my house. Try to utilize storage basket and bins to make picking up easier. There are so many options for grown-up looking storage for your kids toys. Cubbies and soft sided bins are a great option.



The reality is that there are always going to compromises that you have to make when you’re living in a smaller space with your family. Making the most out of your storage space can make a world of difference. It can be tough to be around each other constantly in such close proximity. By keeping your home organized and utilizing storage you’ll create a more functional living space for your family.

Are you wasting space in your home? Tips and tricks to make the most of a small space. #tips #tricks #home #storgae #organization #smallhome #minimalismWritten by: Devon


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