How To Upgrade Your Kids Bedroom As They Get Older

How to update your kids bedroom as they get older. #kids #kidsbedroom #decor #parenting #home

One moment, you’re shopping for a crib and cutesy wall decals for a nursery. The next you’ve got a sassy eight-year-old child telling you that she is too big for cloud-shaped lamps and heart-shaped rugs. It can feel like life is skipping by far too quickly, and it’s a big challenge to change the nursery that you fell in love with into a space that is suitable for a child instead.

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When you first decorate a nursery, you generally choose décor that is versatile. The main colors and theme can be adapted to suit any age, but the accessories of flowers and hearts early on could be replaced with something a little more grown up. Your child is the one that has to live in that space and call it their own. It makes sense to let them have an input into the colors and the accessories of their own bedroom. Ideally, you want to choose furniture that is sturdy and doesn’t have to be replaced every few years. You can visit this website to see if you can find something to your – and their – taste. You also don’t want to have to keep moving your child to a different bedroom, so it makes sense to learn how you can have a room that grows with your child. With the tips below, you can do just that.


Keep It Versatile.

The crib that you bought for your child probably turned into a toddler bed, so when you upgrade to the next bed go straight for the double or the loft bed as this can then grow with them into their teens. Try not to invest in a cutesy themed bed, because you can bet that they will have grown out of it in terms of taste a year later. Get the right bed for growth but play around on the bedding so that you can keep it to the theme that they want.

Paint, Not Paper.

Wallpaper is lovely in the bedroom, but it’s also a pain to constantly change out. Even doing it once a year is an expensive pain. Instead, paint is your best option; you can change that as many times as you like for a lot less. You can coordinate so much in the room to the color you’ve decided to paint it, too!

Desk Area.

Previously, you may have had a changing table in the bedroom. Replace this with a desk area and a set of drawers. It can be used for homework, and then for a laptop or tablet, and even for drawing. You can paint the desk and drawers as they grow if you want to, to brighten it up to suit the room as a whole.

How to update your kids bedroom as they get older. #kids #forthehome #parenting #home #decor #bedroom


Installing bookcases and safe docking station for technology comes a little later, but your child’s bedroom can be a space that you can all be happy with and proud of – even if it hurts to let go of the crib!

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