4 Ways To Rock Your Morning Routine As A Mom

4 Tips to rock your morning routine as a mom. #momlife #mom #health #fitmom

As a mom, most of your time is spent taking care of your family. Mornings can be chaotic with kids in the house. Your morning routine doesn’t have to be chaotic. You can have a little “mom” time while still being a great mom. I’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you ROCK your morning routine as a mom.

This post is sponsored by Dannon® Oikos® Traditional Greek Yogurt but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

First let’s start with a glimpse at my normal morning routine while on summer vacation.

My mornings really don’t start until around 9am during the summer. I’ve been blessed with three kids that sleep fairly late if given the opportunity. Once we wake up, breakfast is served. By served, I don’t mean a super fancy breakfast. Most mornings I’m lazy and it’s cereal, oatmeal or yogurt. Our favorite yogurt is Dannon Okios Traditional Greek Yogurt. It’s so simple to grab a flavor packed, healthy yogurt from the refrigerator.

Once the kids and I are all fed, it’s time for me to catch up on some blogging. I take a few minutes to check emails and do some promotion. While I’m doing my blogging work the kids find something to play. I know it sounds like I have it easy, but it isn’t always so peaceful.

The next step in my morning routine is to do some housework. I usually enlist the help of my kids. It’s not a deep clean, simply cleaning up the kitchen and living room set us up for success.

After our housework, it’s workout time! I have to say, my workouts have gone much better since I started eating Okios Greek Yogurt. I’m no longer hungry and lethargic during my workouts.

That’s pretty much it for my morning routine during the summer. During the school year it’s a little different. We get up a lot earlier and instead of doing housework, I get the kids ready to get on the bus. We still eat the same things for breakfast, cereal, oatmeal or Okios Greek Yogurt.

Now that you know what my morning routine is, here are 4 tips to rock your morning routine as a mom.

  1. Go to bed at a decent time. Seriously, I know it’s tempting to stay up late working or binge watching a show. Don’t do it! Get your eight hours of sleep.

  2. Offer a few different breakfast choices for breakfast, not too many though. With so many flavors of Okios Greek Yogurt, there’s something for everyone. A variety pack of instant oatmeal is also a great way to go.

  3. Coffee!!!! Need I say more. Invest in a cute mug or some special coffee creamer to give yourself a little treat.

  4. Clean up your kitchen at night. This little tip has made a word of difference for me. By doing the dishes and wiping down the counters at night, I’m able to start the day in a clean kitchen. The same goes for the living room. I do a quick straightening at night by throwing the toys in the toy box and picking up any trash or crumbs that have been left by my tiny humans.




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Which flavor will you choose?

4 Tips to rock your morning routine as a mom.

Do you have any tips to make mornings easier as a mom? I would love to hear them. Drop them below so I can give them a try!

Written by: Devon

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