Seasonal Style: Summer Home Design Ideas


Bring summer into your home.

Summer is many people’s favorite time of the year. It is a time of the year which involves us being outside, having fun and with lots of light and life. A lot of the time we like to bring a taste of summer into our homes and this can allow us to have some really amazing colors and patterns. Here are some of the things you can bring into the home to make it feel like summer.


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Lots of light

Light is the first thing you want to bring into a home if you want to add a taste of summer. Sunlight can’t be replicated so you are always best thinking of ways to add more light into the home. You can use First Place Windows to replace your windows with new ones and even think about installing skylights if you have space in the home. If you can’t add windows or skylights I’ve got plenty of other ways to add natural light to your home here.

Color splash

Summer is all about color and personality, and there is no better way to show off your love for summer than filling your home with some color! Think about bringing in colors such as pink, yellow and green because these are all highly associated with the summer time. Add lots of bold prints, clashing colors and don’t skimp on the flamingos and pineapples!


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Palm patterns

One of the most summery prints you can possibly choose for your house is palm leaf print. Palm leaves are amazing and they give your home a stunning tropical vibe from the moment you bring them in. The tropics are stunning and they will make you feel as if you are on holiday in your own house. You can think about hanging a palm leaf garland, bringing in some cushions and maybe even adding some palm leaf fairy lights!

Clean design

For the ultimate summer feel, make sure that the home stays light and bright throughout the year. You can achieve this by sticking to neutral colors on your walls and then accessorizing simply with one or two bold colors. Keep things fairly simple and clean to help give that feeling of space and warmth.


Easy ways to bring summer into your home.


Watercolor art

Watercolor art is great to add into your home design. Think about bringing some watercolor prints into the home which fit the different themes of your rooms. For example in the kitchen you could have a green and purple theme or something which brings the outdoors in. Watercolor is stunning and simple for the summer and it can even be bought as wallpaper!



If you really want to bring a summer element to your home, add plants around the house. You can bring large grasses, deep green succulents or bright colored flowers such as flamingo flowers. Plants bring the outdoors in and they are the perfect thing for you to add into the home during the summer time!

Bring summer into your home.

How do you bring summer into your home? Do you have any pink flamingos???

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