Military Life: Buying A House

Buying a house, military edition. Should you buy, rent or sell?

When your family has links to the military, it’s quite normal to live life in a slightly different way to the rest of society. This is especially true when dealing with your housing situation. Whether you’re an army wife/husband or a veteran, a comfortable home life is the least you deserve.

Knowing about all possible opportunities is crucial if you wish to make the most of your housing situation. Here are just four ways in which you may want to alter your mindset to unlock a brighter future.



#1. You Don’t Have To Buy A Home Using An Agent

The traditional way of buying a house, either a new build project or from an existing homeowner, isn’t the only option. The sooner you realize this, the better.

There are various small communities where all homes are designated for servicemen and women, as well as veterans. Alternatively, you could consider the prospect of building your next home. After all, this is the only way to be certain that you’ll get the perfect result for your family.

Taking the traditional route still may be the way to go, but being aware of the alternatives will help you make the best decision.

buying a house

#2. You Don’t Have To Sell To Another Family

For many people – not just military types – selling the existing home can cause significant delays. There’s nothing worse than having to PCS with your house still on the market.

The delays can be costly and may even stop the move from happening. Quick sale services like Anthony Has Cash are perhaps the most effective solution at your disposal. It’s fast, fair, and allows you to focus on the buying aspects of the process.

Sometimes in life, the hassle-free option is the best way to go. This is especially true when you have a military link.


#3. You Don’t Need A Guest Room

Whether moving to a new home or trying to make the most of your current house, wasted space is the last thing you need. A wasted room is the greatest culprit by far.

Millions of families are guilty of having an unnecessary guest room. It could be used as a gym, a home office, or various ideas. Even if it becomes a utility room, this will save valuable space around the home, which will make you far happier.

It’s a far better option than letting it remain as a glorified storage space.

#4. Remember That Homeownership Isn’t For Everyone

Society makes us believe that getting a mortgage is essential. While owning a property can be a great thing, it’s important to make sure that it suits your situation.

It might be better to keep renting or sell to rent. The Military guide to the pros and cons is crucial reading. Once again, the most important aspect is to do what is right for you. When you do, nothing else matters, which should offer peace of mind.

Should you buy, sell or rent your home? Military life.

Your decisions may be a little different to the choices made by friends and family without military backgrounds. That’s just fine. You’ve got to do what serves your family and nothing less.

Do you rent, own or live on base? What do you love about your living situation?

Written by: Devon


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