How I Made $1000 In July Blogging


Welcome to July 2018’s blog income report! In this post we’ll look at where my income came from, my social media followers and things I’ve learned about blogging.

Besides looking at income, followers and tips, I’ll show you how I track my income and stay organized. If you’re wondering why I would choose to share all of this information it’s so that:

  1. Others can see what bloggings all about and where they can go with it.

  2. I can easily track my income, progress and social media following. By doing this I’m able to learn from my past blogging experience.

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If you’re new to Army Wife With Daughters, here’s a quick background. I started blogging in November of 2016 with absolutely no knowledge of how blogging worked. I had no friends that were bloggers or anyone to ask for help. My original blog niche was military life, I soon realized that my passion lied elsewhere, homemaking! In the beginning I was lucky to make $1.00 a month. My blog finally started to take off money wise around month five, when I made $160 that month.

I absolutely love being able to bring in some money while staying home with my kiddos. Like most bloggers, my goal is to eventually earn a full-time income from blogging. Having said that, I completely plan on it taking a few years since I still have a little one that isn’t in school yet and need lots of attention. I’ve come so far in the last year and can’t wait to see where I go from here.

What was my income in July???

I earned $1001.99 blogging and being an influencer, before expenses.

Here’s a breakdown of my income for July.

AdSense: June $150 July $116.65

Amazon: June $80.28 July $13.34

Linqia:  June $200.40 July $0

Heartbeat: June $0 July $0  (I did receive $100 worth of product.)

Activate: June $0 July $52.77

SoFluential: June $0 July $260

Find Your Influence: June $30 July $0

Other Sponsored/Paid Posts: June $105  July $ 597.33

Total Income:  June $565.68 July $1001.99

How I made $1000 blogging in July.

I finally had my first $1000 month blogging!!!! I seriously never thought I’d get there!

You can find my previous blog reports here…

I also like to keep track of my social media follower numbers and pageviews in my blog reports. I’ve been working hard to gain “real” followers over the last month or so. One major thing I did was to automate my Pinterest and Twitter. I’ve been using Tailwind for a few months a love it. You can try Tailwind for free by clicking here. For Twitter I’ve been using Crowdfire and love how easy it is to schedule my tweets. They also allow you to re-post tweets, so it you have a tweet that is doing great you can easily schedule it to go out again. Crowdfire will create a posting schedule for you based on your traffic or you can create a custom posting schedule. Give Crowdfire a try by clicking here…

Pinterest:  June 3,229   July  3,516

Twitter:  June 3,825  July  3,914

Facebook:  June 293  July  295

Instagram:   June 2,583  July  2,649

Page Views:   June 11,973  July  10,034

Having genuine followers definitely helps with your engagement. Real followers are interested in what you have to say and what you’re doing. Therefore you’ll get more interaction on your posts.

If you haven’t started a blog yet but want to see what it’s all about CLICK HERE!

My top posts in July were:

Textured Knitted Dishcloth Pattern

Six Ways To Make Your House Feel Like Home

How To Love Being A Homemaker

Make Toddler Meal-Time More Enjoyable

Blogging Tips and Advice:

  • Don’t get discouraged if you’re not getting many page views or making much money. The truth is that it can take years to make a decent amount of money. I have hopes of making a fulltime income at some point. Many bloggers will tell you that they started making tons of money in the first few months. Maybe that’s true for them but they are the exception.

  • Learn something new everyday. Whether you’re buying courses like Pin for Profit or simply reading posts on Pinterest for free, continue to research and learn.

  • Focus on quality and content over profit. You’ll gain more loyal followers by writing quality content for your audience.

  • Be yourself. Your readers want to know what you have to say not a copy and paste of someone else.

  • Solve a problem for your readers. What problem does your reader have that you could help them with? Maybe it’s potty training or keeping their house clean.

  • Create a social media schedule and stick to it. Posting regularly help with your engagement. Tailwind and Crowdfire have made scheduling my pins, tweets and Instagram so much easier. By using them I’m reaching more people with my content too. I have three kids at home and cannot pin and tweet all throughout the day everyday. Not only that but Tailwind and Crowdfire custom create a schedule for your pins and tweets to get you the most views.

  • Try time blocking. It’s something I just started doing and I find that I’m much more productive.

My goals for the next month are to create another long post of 1,000 words or more, sent out a newsletter, and better my Instagram account.

Hopefully you’ve learned something from this post of been inspired in some way.

See you again next month….

Written by: Devon





  1. Ally Ferguson | 8th Aug 18

    I love when people share this! Our blogs are similar and similar in size. Would you mind sharing with me how you maximize Adsense. I haven’t made that much from it AT ALL, and I am wondering if I am doing it wrong. Also…would your other paid posts be direct pitching? I am super curious because that’s a great total!! Keep it up girl. It feels so good when you can see a profit from your blog! Basically all my income right now has been Linqia…so I would love to stretch out those avenues!

    • | 9th Aug 18

      Thanks! With AdSense it’s all about your analytics and promoting the posts that will make you the most money. For sponsored posts I am occasionally approached by brands, get jobs through linqia and a company called FatJoe.

  2. Amy Blake | 14th Sep 18

    A great post! Can I ask what some of your favorite stock photo websites are? Great site!

    • | 14th Sep 18

      Thanks! I use and

  3. Amy @ Orison Orchards | 22nd Sep 18

    Congratulations! You are inspiring and give me something to work toward!

    • | 22nd Sep 18

      Thank you. It takes much more time and research than I thought it would when I first started blogging. It’s worth it though.

  4. Tiffany | 3rd Oct 18

    I realized enjoyed your post. You have a solid, honest style. I just passed month one with my blog and aspire to be halfway to where you are! Continue to inspire! Congrats.

    • | 3rd Oct 18

      Thank you so much! It’s definitely a learning process. My main tips would be to keep learning and stay true to your style.?

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