Tips For Selling Your Home: Simple Ways To Wow Buyers

Tips to sell your home faster. How to wow buyers.

Let’s face it. Selling a home isn’t easy. Why should a buyer choose yours over anybody else’s? Even when living in a much sought after locale, you still need to do a lot to market your home to the buyer. While you may have to spend some of your hard-earned cash in the process, it will all become worth it should you make a profit after adding to your home’s value.

Your job as the seller is to wow the home buyer. Give them reason to choose your home over another, and you will make the sale faster. Here are just some of the ways you can do it.


Create an excellent first impression.

I’m talking about curb appeal. What does the buyer think of your home when they are walking up the drive? If your yard is an unsightly mess, if the driveway is dirty and unsafe, and if the doors and windows are badly in need to repair, you won’t do impress the buyer. They probably won’t get to see the inside of your home as they will have long since turned tail after seeing your miserable exterior. You need to get the paint out, giving everything a fresh coat of paint, from your garden fence to your door and window frames. Tidy up the yard, and fix and power wash your broken driveway. When the outside of your home is clean and welcoming, you are on the way to winning the home buyer’s heart (and their money).

Focus on energy-efficiency.

There’s nothing worse than a pile of bills in your mailbox – you don’t want them and neither does the buyer. When looking for a house, they will be as keen to make as many savings as possible. If you can prove your home’s energy-efficient credentials, you are going to create a lot of interest. You can do a few simple things, from sealing cracks in doors and windows, to replacing your light bulbs to something greener. Or you could make some major renovations, assuming your budget can cover it, such as hiring a replacement window company to add extra insulation, and/or installing further insulation to your loft and flooring. Be they money-conscious or eco-conscious, creating a greener home has lots of benefits for the buyer.

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Create space around your home.

The buyer needs room to use their imagination, so it’s important you depersonalize your house a little when showing it around. Creating space in certain rooms will give them scope to think how they might use it. From a home office to a child’s bedroom, the buyer will have specific ideas, so give them the capacity to dream. This means being careful with any home renovations you are doing too. While you want to attract the buyer, you don’t want to do anything that is personal to your taste in the work you do. In some cases, you need to remember less is more. Don’t make alterations in areas that the buyer may want to focus on themselves.

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Make smart choices.

One way to impress the millennial home buyer is to update your home with smart technology. Experts say this will raise the value of your property by around 11% so the expense may be worth it if you can afford the outlay. Smart tech will give your home a modern feel, impressing those buyers who are looking for something future-proof. From smart appliances to home entertainment features, have a look at these home upgrades you won’t regret installing. Should your house still be slow to sell, you will at least have the benefit of the latest technologies that can be activated at the touch of your smart phone.

Create a sense of security.

According to real-estate experts, added home security is one way to motivate a buyer into choosing your home. At the very least, you need to have a burglar alarm on show, as well as outdoor lighting, and secure fencing. Again, you should also be smart. From smart locks to smart CCTV cameras, there are a range of security options at your disposal which can be programmed wirelessly with smart devices.

Repair everything.

Want to put off the buyer? Then leave your home in a state of disrepair. Don’t seal window cracks. Don’t replace faded paint work. Don’t fix that annoying creak in the door. And don’t repair those dripping taps. On the other hand, do the correct thing and get on top of anything that needs to be done. When showing the buyer around, you are far more likely to impress them when everything looks and feels as it should. Knowing that you have spent time caring for your home’s upkeep, you will instill a sense of confidence in the buyer when they consider buying your home.

Tips to sell your home faster. How to wow buyers.

I can’t guarantee you a quick sale. It really depends on the property market. If you do take the steps we mentioned here, you are far more likely to beat the competition. Speak to your realtor for further advice.

Written by: Devon

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