Make Mornings Easier By Getting Ready At Night

Make school mornings easier with these tips and tricks.

Mornings with kids can be chaotic to say the least. There are some mornings that are definitely worse than others. My number one tip for making school mornings easier is to get ready the night before.

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I have three daughters and a husband that is gone most of the time due to the military. I’m fully aware of just how chaotic mornings can be. Between choosing clothes, earrings, breakfast and last-minute homework, I’m lucky to finish my coffee before they get on the bus.

Recently I decided to change-up my routine to make things go smoother in the morning. I guess maybe I’m getting wiser as I get older, at least I like to think so. By getting ready the night before,  you don’t have to remember all the last-minute things, they are all ready set up for you.

Our personal night-time routine goes like this:

After dinner we play in the pool or outside to burn off some last-minute energy before heading into bedtime. We live in the south so it’s almost always warm enough to be outside.

At 6:30 pm my kids head to the bathtub. While they are playing I wipe down the bathroom so it’s nice and clean in the morning.

When they are out of the tub and have jammies on, everyone picks out their clothes and hair accessories for the next day and lays them out. At this point we all do a quick straightening of the upstairs so no one steps on any of my youngest’s toys during the night.

Once we get back downstairs I fix my kids a bed snack and get them situated with their shows. By letting them watch their shows I’m able to get the kitchen, backpacks and lunch boxes ready for the next morning. I don’t pack lunches the night before but lay out their lunch box, the prepackaged foods they have chosen and their water bottles.

school mornings

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My oldest is in 8th grade so she pretty much gets her own stuff ready, that’s nice! One thing I often forget is my 3rd graders folder. In order to remember to check it for notes and homework I do it at night while I’m laying the lunch stuff out.

At that point the backpacks, minus their lunches go by the door with the shoes they have chosen for the next day.

The only thing left to do now is straighten the kitchen and snuggle the kids until 8:30 pm when they go to bed.

That’s our routine.

School mornings

Here are some great ways you can prepare for the next day at night.

  • Pack lunches at night if you’re up to it. Personally it doesn’t work as well for us.

  • Choose your outfits for the day or week.

  • Make sure all the dishes you need for lunch packing are clean and laid out.

  • Before you go to bed, make a list of anything you need to remember for the next day.

  • Clean up your house before you go to bed. Trust me it feels great to wake up to a clean house.

  • Try some make ahead breakfasts. There are some great ones on Pinterest.

  • You can even lay out your own clothes for the next day. I’m a work at home mom so I choose workout clothes in the morning, then shower after my workout and put on real clothes.

  • Make charts for your kids so they can remember what they have to do in the morning, such as brush teeth, hair….

  • Check folders and backpacks at night to make sure all papers that have to be signed get signed.

Make school mornings easier with these tips and tricks.

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Some of these tips may not work for you but hopefully you can find one or two that will make your mornings a little easier.

Do you have any tips to make school mornings easier? I would seriously love to hear them…

Written by: Devon


  1. Tatiana | 13th Aug 18

    I’ve been doing this lately and it is so helpful for my mornings. Especially since i homeschool. You have some great tips that i cant wait to incorporate.

    • | 15th Aug 18

      The mornings that I don’t have things ready to go are definitely a little tougher. Thanks for stopping by!

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