Awesome Games For Family Game Night


Must have games for family game night.

Family game night is one of our favorite nights of the week. Spending time as a family is so important. It gives you a chance to catch up on what’s been going on and time to laugh. Not to mention time away from electronics.

In our house we love playing games. Sometimes it’s as a family and others it’s when we have family friends over to hangout. You can see our favorite grown-up games here. We usually try to have at least one family game night every week, sometimes things get in the way though.

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Here are our favorite family games to play!

Headbanz  This is a super fun game! I have to admit that sometimes even I have a hard time guessing what’s on my card.


Suspend  Great fun for the whole family. Even my 3 year old loves trying to hang the pieces on the tower.

Googly Eyes  So, with this game you wear glasses and have to try to draw what the card says while the others try to guess. The glasses make it difficult to see what you’re drawing. With the hardest lenses in I could barely see where the edge of the paper was. Plus everyone looks silly in the glasses.

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Pie Face  This one isn’t my favorite but my kids love it.

Apples To Apples Junior  My husband and I love playing the grown-up version so we decided to get the family version. It’s so fun to see what everyone puts down.

Crocodile Dentist  This one is great for toddlers to grown-ups. Everyone takes turns pushing down one tooth, you never know which tooth will make the mouth shut. It doesn’t hurt your fingers, I was slightly concerned when we got it but after trying it, it’s fun.

Uno  I know this game has been around for a while but it’s still awesome. We have the Disney Frozen version of course, since I have three daughters.

Monopoly Junior Again, I love the grown-up version of Monopoly so this is great! We always play youngest to oldest, for some reason I always lose.


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Must have games for family game night.

It really doesn’t matter what games you play as long as you’re all having fun and spending time as a family!

What are your families favorite games for game night? Do you have a game night in your house?

Written by: Devon


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