How Dogs Add To A Feeling Of Home

How dogs add to a feeling of home. Creating a comforting home.

The feeling of home, is just that, a feeling – it’s not like you purchase a house and it comes ready equipped with that homely feeling. A of home is something people must create, and many could argue there’s no better way to create the feeling of being at home than to have a dog welcome you each day with a warm greeting.

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Dogs can be a particularly supportive and comforting source of love for military wives. They offer a very stabilizing and ever present love – all too happy to jump into the role of “chief spooner” when your partner is away.


Today, the idea of an emotional support pet is quite popular, yet you don’t necessarily have to suffer from a mental health condition to reap the emotional rewards of having an all loving canine companion.


Many military wives find dogs to be a welcome companion when their partner is away as they provide a sense of certainty and routine that can be really helpful when times get tough.

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For instance, the routine of walking your dog each morning ensures you not only get out the house and have regular exercise, but also, you get to meet other dog walkers. Having a dog can be one of the best ways to meet new people and engage in lighthearted conversation that can be particularly helpful if your heart is feeling heavy.

That said, while dogs really can add to the feeling of home, they are a responsibility and there are certain things you must do to ensure a happy and harmonious home environment for both you and your pet.  Here’s a few of the most vital aspects:


Dogs, just like people, require a balanced diet. It can feel like you’re doing a good deed offering up your human food, there are a number of foods that can harm your furry friend, for instance chocolate can be toxic.  Interestingly, a common Google search is “can dogs eat watermelon” which, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, they can.


Certain breeds of dog require much more exercise than others. It’s important you don’t over-exercise your dog as this can lead to a painful condition such as tail strain, so it’s important to be mindful that animals, just like humans, can overdo it.


Having clean drinking water available is particularly important if your dog is on a diet of dog food, as wet food obviously has an element of water included. Having a bowl of water always available is vital to the health of your pet.  Also, if going on a walk, just like how we might appreciate a drink when jogging or exercising in the gym, there’s a good chance your dog will need a drink too.

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Many dogs suffer with attachment anxiety, particularly if they are rescue dogs. This can pose a challenge when needing to leave your pet on their own.  The most important thing here, is reassurance and positive reinforcement, meaning you praise the dog for doing well when he’s been left alone – and reassure him that you won’t be gone long.

How dogs add to a feeling of home. Creating a comforting home.

Despite all the responsibilities of having a dog in the home, it’s a great way to add a feeling of comfort to your home.

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