Contemporary Design Hacks You Need To Know


Get the contemporary look you want in your home with these design hacks.

When it comes to Home interiors these days, most people are opting for a minimal and contemporary design to fit their lifestyle and make decorating easier.

Contemporary home design is a hugely popular form of interior design because it keeps colors neutral and makes the most of the space as it is to create luxury and light. If you want to make your home more contemporary this year, here is what you can do.

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Contemporary design hacks for your home.


Keep it light

Light is the single most important factor to consider when it comes to making a house feel modern and spacious. Light comes into the home and brings with it life and happiness and this is what you want in your house. Think about changing your windows and installing French hinged and sliding glass door options around the house for maximum light everywhere. It will make the house feel so much bigger and ready for the next step.

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Simple, clean lines

With contemporary design you’ll notice that the lines in the room are often simple geometric shapes and they are clean. If you want to make the space feel as modern as you possibly can, you need to clear out any busy shapes such as stars and hearts which might be lingering in the home and replace them with things like circles and squares. It might not seem like it would make a big difference but it really will.

Layer textures

Texture is a huge part of making a space feel more modern due to the fact that most of the time color schemes are very plain and simple. If you want to add a bit of depth and interest to the walls and the floors you can think about layering different materials in the same color on top of each other. For example if you have a light grey floor you could opt for a dark grey rug and then place a grey marbled table on top. This will give a feeling of homeliness and life which is much appreciated in a contemporary home.

Contemporary design hacks for your home.


A simple color palette

If you want to make your home look and feel like a modern page of a magazine you will need to get rid of your feature wall and stick to neutral colors all over your house. Choosing a color palette can be difficult but you can take inspiration from interior design magazines and even from the colors in nature. You will want to paint the home neutral colors and then you will be able to use bright colors in accessories around the space.


Create space with furniture

Once you have the set up of a room sorted out you need to think about the furniture you are going to bring into the home. When it comes to making a decision on furniture for a modern home it comes down to whether or not the piece will add something to the space.  Is a genuine reason to have the piece in the room? You don’t want to just throw every piece of furniture you have into a room because you can, because this will clog up the space. Think carefully about what things you want in the room.


Keep decorations to a minimum

The same thing goes here as with the furniture, and you should never simply clog up he shelves with decorations because you feel like you have to. If you want your home to look tidy and spacious you will want to leave blank spaces and gaps on the shelves because this allows light to reach the walls. It will make the home feel less cluttered and messy and will therefore allow you to pull off the notion of it being contemporary.

Contemporary design hacks for your home.

Add some plants

Plants are the key to any modern home, and any home for that matter. They are a brilliant way to add color, texture and life into a room. Having plants in the house can really make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of a space. The best types of plants you can bring into the home are things like succulents which don’t need a lot of care and shade loving plants such as peace lilies and snake plants. Have fun picking out plants for the home and make sure you have one in every room. This will bring your interior design together and make it feel like a whole space.

Get the contemporary look you want in your home with these design hacks.

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