Home Addition 101

Everything you need to know when adding on to your home.

With real estate prices going through the roof, it’s no wonder that most property owners are considering adding an addition to their home instead of moving out.

There is no denying that the cost of an addition is more affordable than selling your current home to buy a bigger one. The current generation of homeowners are creative thinkers who believe they can transform their home to fit their family needs. More often than not, they run into challenges and issues that can affect the success of their project. It’s a harsh truth, but you have to be prepared for an unfinished addition unless you get these things right:

Adding an addition to your home.


Get your plan authorized

If you don’t have a construction permit for your addition or any electrical, plumbing or HVAC modifications, you can’t collect insurance in the case of damages that appear to be caused by the non-permitted work. Additionally, having the relevant permit makes it easier to sell the house at a later point. To remain on the safe side, you should also ensure that you receive adequate building inspections during and after the process. Ultimately, playing by the rules is a matter of health and safety. Trying to save money by building without a legal permit is never a good idea.

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Build a team of experts

There are a variety of permits, aside from the traditional building authorization. Each specialist contractor needs to apply for their own permit. For that reason, you should always trust a local, experienced contractor – Mathers Electric is good  for all electrical projects. They Know the permit system and can ensure they have everything required to start work. As a rule of the thumb, you’ll need to hire an electrician, an HVAC expert, a building team for most extensions. Bathrooms and kitchen will also require a certified plumber.

Pick a décor

It’s never too early to decide on an interior style. You can task your building team with giving the room its finishing touches – painting the walls and the ceiling and preparing the flooring pattern. In other words, you need to know from the start whether you’re going to pick a farmhouse look for your next kitchen or a retro feel in the bathroom. Failure to do so can affect the duration and success of a project, especially if you decide to DIY the décor. Let expert painters and builders do the hard work for you.

What you need to know building an addition on your home.

Always have a plan B

There will be delays. If there’s a universal truth about home improvements, it’s that they always need longer than planned. It’s something you have to accept and be prepared for. It can take time for every contractor to receive the permit they need, which can postpone the work. Besides, the work progress can also be affected by the weather or by late delivery. In other words, keep an open mind to find practical solutions.

Everything you need to know when adding on to your home.

From delays to unauthorized extensions, your home improvement project is a challenging path. There’s only one way to make it work: Take the time to research and understand all your options.

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