4 Steps To Clean The Air In Your Home

How to improve the air quality in your home.

There’s a problem in the air, and that’s not a metaphor: we mean, there’s actually a problem with the quality of the air that we’re breathing. It’s responsible for many deaths each year, and it looks set to get worse. Take some simple steps to keep your family healthy by improving the air quality in your home.

While there are things you can do to improve the air quality in your neighborhood, that’ll only be a drop in the ocean. The one place where you can control how good the air is in your home. Below, we look at four ways you can purify your home, and make it better for you and your family to breathe.

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Add House Plants

Plants are awesome, really! They can be a fantastic addition to the home, and all they ask in return is for some water from time to time. That’s a pretty good deal in anyone’s book. Place a few around your home, and you’ll be purifying the air around it. That’s not all that plants will do, either: it’s been shown that they can boost people’s mood just by being near to them! The more you add, the better your home will be. There’s a reason why the air in nature is so clean!

If you’re wondering which plants are the best to clean the air in your home, check out this post.

4 steps toward clean air in your home.

Freshen Your Home the Natural Way

If you’ve got a musty smell in your home, you’ll be tempted to get out a bottle of air freshener and make it smell good again. But hold back, because that bottle might smell like natural ingredients, but that’s where the similarity ends. They contain plenty of bad things that’ll mess up the air. Instead, freshen up your home the natural way. It’s super simple to make your own DIY air freshener. Your home will smell great, and you won’t be damaging the air. The same can be said for all your cleaning products.  If the bottle lists more chemicals than you can shake a stick at, it won’t be good news for your air.

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Checking the A/C

Sometimes, the air in your home can be polluted by the most essential of items: your A/C unit. They get dirty and damaged over time, and if it’s not regularly maintained. All the grime that’s in there will be continually transported around your home. Don’t let that happen in your home; work with an air conditioning repair expert, and make sure that everything’s in full working order. When it’s working in tip-top condition, you can rest assured that the air keeping your cool is clean and fit for your family’s lungs.

Wash Your Fabrics Regularly

You know that you need to sweep and vacuum all the dust that builds up on your floors, but that’s not the only source of bad air quality. The fabric on your couch, for instance, can be a goldmine for bacteria, which can then infiltrate the air. Make sure you’re regularly giving your fabrics a deep clean. If the bacteria aren’t given any time to make itself at home on your fabrics, then your air will naturally be cleaner.

How to improve the air quality in your home.

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