Basic Skills Every Blogger Needs

Basic skills every blogger should have. Tips and tricks to become a better blogger.

If you are thinking about becoming a successful blogger and earning money, chances are that you will need to step up your blogging game and improve your skills. Let’s look at some basic skills every blogger should have.

If you don’t know how to post new updates, design your site, and update your plugins, you will waste a lot of money on professional services. You might be a natural when it comes to small talk, but if you can’t engage with your audience and create various types of content, you will need to take on extra training or enroll in a course, so you can increase your chance of success in this competitive field.

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Basic skills every blogger needs.


Being able to write is a major part of being a blogger. There are plenty of writing courses designed for bloggers that will help you structure your content better and find your own voice. You can overcome some of the spelling mistakes that will be corrected automatically by your blogging software or spell checker, but when it comes to complicated sentences, you will not get suggestions. Focus on clarity and easy reading, and consider the background of your audience before you start creating content for them.

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HTML Coding

You will also need some basic coding and programming skills. If you are new to the area of web design and would rather not pay a web designer, you can enroll in HTML classes to learn how you can format links and embed different types of content. While you might be using a blogging platform that takes care of most of the tasks, occasionally you will need to manually change the codes and add links. If you are familiar with the basic rules of HTML, you will save a lot of money and hassle when updating your site, too.

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Image Manipulation

Visual content is something that should enhance your blog. You might think that you will never learn Photoshop and Adobe, but there are plenty of easy design tools that you can use for free or at a low-cost. Create your logo, your blog headers, your titles, special images, and change the look of the photographs you publish. There are a few image manipulation tools online that will make your life more interesting and easier. I personally use Canva for all of my photo editing. There is a free version as well as a paid version.

Graphic Design

Apart from image manipulation, you might also want to create your online documents and emails to send out. Add banners to your content to make them capture your audience’s attention. There are some simple to use graphic design tools that will turn your regular content into a slide show video or an infographic. You can get a lot of shares on a blog post if you learn how to use infographics to boost the performance of your sales funnels and engage with your customers better.

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If you can’t promote your blog successfully, you will never make a full time income from your website. Create a monitization strategy and a successful sales funnel that will get your visitors to do what you want them to: click on your links, recommend your blog, or simply buy something through your link. After all, you started your blog to build a long-term business and get to earn money off something you love doing.


When you are trying to get the word out about your blog, you should try to reach out to other bloggers and platforms. You can piggyback on the popularity of Facebook and Instagram feeds and groups, so you can tap into you market faster. You might also try writing articles and submitting guest posts on popular sites, so you will get your brand name noticed faster and get people to check out your site. Commenting on others blogs is also super helpful. Just make sure to leave thoughtful comments and not just copy and paste comments.

Basic skills ever blogger needs.

Online Networking

You might think that networking is a waste of time, but it pays off long-term. You will have to engage with other blog owners and people who can help you promote your offers. Networking is a social business activity that will help you increase your online visibility. Don’t go all promotional, and create reciprocity by providing valuable advice and tips before you present your pitch.

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Here are a few of my favorite books about blogging. They have been so helpful in my quest to become a full-time blogger.

Making money blogging is harder than many people think. You will have to understand your audience, and improve your skills at the same time. Seek collaboration opportunities and find out where your audience is hanging out, so you can research your market and tap into other people’s or groups’ traffic and increase your popularity. Don’t get discouraged though. If you put in the time and effort you are sure to be a success.

Basic skills every blogger should have. Tips and tricks to become a better blogger.

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