Finding Financial Security While Separating From Your House

How to find financial security while moving.

There comes a time in most people’s lives that you have to move. Maybe it’s because your house doesn’t fit your needs anymore or due to your job. It could also be because you don’t feel safe in this neighborhood anymore. Whatever the reason, the fact remains; it’s time to break up with your family home.

Our needs and desires change as our lives grow and evolve. The house which was perfect for you ten years ago may no longer be the best fit. For the sake of your happiness, accept that and search for something better.

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Finding financial security while moving.


The only trouble is, you can’t afford a new home until you have the money from selling the old. I’m not saying your home will be bitter about what’s happening. But, as with any separation, you may not get the financial fairness here that you’re expecting. Whether to get you back or merely spite you, your old house could try to take you for every cent you have. Before you know, you’ll be unable to afford the homes your heart desires.

The good news is, as with divorce proceedings, there are ways for you to fight for your financial rights. And, we’re going to look at them here.

Don’t let your house convince you to spend

Your house can’t plot with a lawyer about how to keep money from you. But, it can achieve the same goal by convincing you to spend on selling. When you know potential buyers will be viewing your home, you may start to see it in a whole new light. Those walls will begin to look shabby, and that furniture will look all wrong. It’s important to remember, though, that this is just your house playing tricks. The truth is that things like decor and furniture do have some sway on your potential to sell, but not enough to warrant spending large sums. Those who spend on new sofas and dining tables for this cause do nothing more than waste money. The fact is that your house should sell itself as long as you clean up and keep things respectable. Buyers aren’t going to notice that your sofa has some scuff marks on the corner. They certainly won’t bat an eye at that $1000 new chair you invested in. So, before you part with that old couch, consider whether this is worth spending money on. The chances are you’ll realize not.

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Consider time of year

Before you’ve even searched for new properties, your mind will be in the moving mode. You’ll start to feel ants in your pants about just moving on already. The only trouble is, putting your house on the market at the wrong time could both lengthen this process and reduce your return. The plain fact is that people generally don’t buy new homes during a large portion of the year. While it isn’t always the case, it often seems that most people are in the market for a property in the spring. During summer, we’re all off enjoying our holidays. When we get back from those, we have the expense of Christmas to deal with and overcome. By the time we’re back on our feet and looking to move, it’s spring. If you make the mistake of putting your property on the market at the wrong time, you may find that there’s no interest in it. What’s more, people will see how long you’ve been on the market and reduce their offers as a result. Your best bet would be making due until at least February or March. It may not be ideal, but your house and you have come this far. What difference do a few months make?

Know when to cut your losses

If you can’t manage to sell at prime times, it may be worth cutting your losses. This can seem like an extreme step, but no one should have to live in a house which makes them unhappy. You and your family deserve better than that. Rather than struggling with grim determination, consider fast ways you can sell. By getting a quote from Wren Realty here or others like them, you could find that your sale is in the bag within two weeks. This is an especially tempting path to take if you find another property you love before selling. With none of the hassle, you could start that new relationship at double speed. Call it a rebound house if you will, but you can bet that would take the sting out of leaving. All without the stress which comes from selling the traditional way.

Do it yourself where possible



Last, it’s worth considering what you spend on the move itself. Even if you manage to overcome the odds and get top dollar from this separation, moving costs could be through the roof. You can bet your house will have the last word if you spend a fair amount of your sale money here. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. By considering what you can do yourself, you could walk away with maximum money and a smile on your face. This could mean doing it alone right from the start so you can avoid agents fees. Or, it may merely mean moving with the help of friends and their vans. Either way, this will be one last way to prove to your home what they’ve lost. All without leaving yourself out-of-pocket.


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