Breast Pump Coverage For Military Moms

Breast pumps for military wives covered by Tricare.

There are many benefits to military life. Discounts, the friendships and the ability to live all over the world are just a few. Another great benefit is Tricare’s coverage of breast pumps and breast pumping supplies.

I nursed all three of my girls. With my first two daughters I wasn’t able to nurse for very long because of our busy lifestyle. With my third daughter I got my breast pump through Tricare at no cost and it made a world of difference. I was able to attend all the events and ceremonies that I needed to while still providing my daughter with breast milk.


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Do you know exactly what Tricare covers as far a breastfeeding goes?

Here are a few facts for you.

  • They cover one breast pump per birth event and 36 months of pumping supplies after the birth.

  • Tricare also covers up to six visits to a lactation consultant at no cost.

You can get more information about coverage here.

For more information about your coverage for lactation consultant services click here.

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Baby Pavilion is an amazing company that helps military moms qualify for breast pumps through Tricare. They also do giveaways every month on their social media channels for all their fans.


Here’s a few helpful links to Baby Pavilion:

Home Page


New Patient Form

Reorder Form

Electric Breast Pumps

Breast Pump Accessories

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Getting your covered breast pump is so easy with Baby Pavilion. There are three simple steps.

  1. Fill out your forms

  2. Choose your breast pump and accessories

  3. They handle the rest.

They will verify your insurance within 24 hours and contact you as soon as it’s approved.

Breast pumps through Tricare and Baby Pavilion

If you’re a military mom this is a great resource! The military lifestyle comes with lots of time away from your home, whether it’s promotion ceremonies or moving. Being able to pump a supply of breast milk for you little one is so important if you’re a nursing mom and Baby Pavilion and Tricare have made that easier for you.

Here are a few helpful pumping tips for you:

  • Try to create a schedule and follow it as much as possible.

  • Keep a basket nearby with snacks, drinks and a book.

  • Drink plenty of water and eat healthy!

  • Make sure that you have the right size shields.

  • It shouldn’t hurt when you’re pumping. If it does stop and readjust your shields.

  • Make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable.

Breast pumps for military wives covered by Tricare.

Written by: Devon

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