How to create a magical nursery for your new baby.

How to create the perfect nursery for your new baby.

When you find out you are going to have a little bundle of joy in our lives it can be a wake up call.  There is a lot of preparing to be done. Having a little baby will always involve a lot of rearranging of our home and our life. Building the perfect nursery is, of course, one of the bigger tasks we need to perform.

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Here are some of the ways that you can create the most magical and beautiful room for our baby when they are born.

Use a neutral color

We all know that the most popular colors to paint a nursery are either pink or blue, but when you decide not to find out the sex of the baby it can be hard to choose the right color for the space. You can play it safe and instead of choosing a color specific to boy or girl, you can pick a color such as green or even paint the walls a neutral white or grey and then accessorize with colors later.

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Paint a mural and create a theme

If you want to make the bedroom into an amazing play area for your baby and help to stimulate their mind from day one you can paint a huge mural on the wall with a theme such as the seaside, a jungle or Disney characters. Having a mural with bright colors on one wall can make a huge difference to the room and it will allow your child to be around amazing animals and characters which they will begin to recognize as they grow.

Creating the perfect nursery for your baby.

Build a fun bed

If you want to make the bed a little more fun than normal, you can have a look at the modern cot beds at Cuckooland and buy one for your baby before having some fun adding features to the crib to make it more fun. You can turn a crib into a castle, a race car or a tree house by adding different planks of wood and painting it to look like something else. It can be a simple DIY for the weekend but a super fun one.

Add some calming fairy lights

Babies sometimes struggle with their sleeping during their first few months of life and because of this, it is important to make sure that they are as cozy and comfortable as possible when they go to bed each night. Hanging some soft fairy lights around the room or having a night-light can be great because it will stop your baby being scared and it will also distract them a little from crying.

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Hang a mobile

A mobile has to be the classic item which every parent ends up getting for their newborn. A mobile can be a really wonderful way to help your baby drift off to sleep. You can either buy a mobile and hang it over their crib or make a mobile yourself with some unique items which will become a cute keepsake for you and your child later on in life. When it comes to choosing a mobile remember that you aren’t stuck with the traditional plastic mobile. Here are a few cute options to consider.



Create some art

One fun project for the weekend could be for you to make some artwork for the walls to add a bit of color and life to the room. You can start off by adding something like an animal or a beach scene which will be super colorful and fun and play along with your theme for the room to create artwork which will fit in with the rest of the space. If you’re not up to creating your own artwork here are some great options.




Add fun touches

There’s nothing better in your baby’s room than being able to add lots of fun things to fill up the space and make it feel cozy and comfortable. You can add in some cute plush teddy bears and other toys to the shelves. Make sure you have a chair next to the crib which is comfortable enough to sleep in if you are having a rough night. You could even add some features like a mirror, a small toy box and a dollhouse which they can enjoy and they grow a little older and start to understand how to play with things. Decorating your baby’s room can be a really fun task and you could likely spend days and days doing it up just for the hell of it and you will enjoy every step of the way. Now is just time to wait for baby to arrive.

How to create a magical nursery for your new baby.

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