Buying A House: New Build vs. Older Home

Pros and cons of buying a new build house.

One of the most fun parts about deciding to buy a new house – whether it’s your first, or you’re just upgrading – is going to look at places. All the different types and styles of properties give you inspiration and exciting ideas. Things such as how you’ll decorate, what changes you could make, and you start imagining yourself living there.

A decision you’ll be faced with, though, is whether to go for a modern new-build home or opt for something that’s more traditional.

Both options will typically contain a lot of beautiful properties to choose from, and each has a number of pros and cons, which we’ve listed below to help you decide which one is better for you.

Modern New Build Home:

Buying a house. Should you choose a new build or older home?



Ready to live in:

With a new build, they’ve typically designed these houses to make them ready to move into right away with very little work needing done. Most will have very recent fitted kitchens, bathrooms, and all appliances built-in. This makes a new build a great choice for families because you can simply pack up and move your stuff in without having to worry about months of renovations needing done.


New builds are generally very well insulated and focused on being as energy-efficient as possible. Not only is this better for the environment overall, but it helps to reduce your energy costs. It will ensure your home stays at a good temperature to keep you and your family comfortable throughout the seasonal changes.

Built to latest standards:

With new regulations in the building industry constantly evolving, as well as more awareness around environmental issues. New builds are going to benefit from work that complies with the latest safety and quality standards. Not only is this a good thing from a safety perspective, but can save you a lot of money and hassle on things like repairs. With older buildings you may find more issues arise with pipe work and roofs, meaning you have to call in residential roofing repair companies and plumbers.



May look the same as every house around it:

As modern, clean and crisp as a new build looks, they do often run the risk of looking the same as each other since they’re often built-in groups by the same architects. Although you’ll still add your own touch to the place, your house will probably be very similar to those in your neighborhood or building.

Rooms may be smaller:

Houses nowadays are built for modern life. They are meant to be practical, and often new builds are allocated a certain amount of space per unit. They don’t have the same space per room that older houses had when they were typically built on privately owned land.

May lack character:

Although new build homes look great and have very useful storage solutions, they often lack the traditional features and character that older buildings have. Whether it’s high ceilings, bay windows, or winding staircases, these are just not going to be the same in modern builds.

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Older Traditional Home:

Buying a house. Should you choose a new build or older home?



May have original features:

Many older homes have original features that simply don’t exist anymore in modern buildings, which can really give them some unique character and charm.

You can have more freedom when renovating:

Older homes tend to lend themselves better to heavier renovation. In this case you can really add your own touch to the place more than you’re able to in a modern-build that is designed to look a specific way.



Not the best insulation:

Although older homes have a lot of charm in their features, you may find that the internal and external features, such as floors, walls, roof, and pipe work won’t be the best. You may find it colder in the winter, and lacking some coolness in the summer.

Should you choose a new build or an older home?

Each option offers some stunning options. It can be hard to choose a place, but it’s important to think about your own lifestyle requirements when making your decision.

Written by: Devon

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