Things Every Busy Mom Needs On Her Christmas List

Christmas gift ideas for busy moms. Make a mommy Christmas list.

Mom’s, it’s time to put yourselves first for a change. We all know that as moms we tend to put the needs of our families ahead of our own. This Christmas make yourself a Christmas list after you’re done helping your kids!

We spend our days driving kids too and from school and sports, cooking, cleaning and wiping noses (or butts.) Seriously, our days are packed full and by the time you get to relax at night, I’m guessing you’re too tired to really do anything you enjoy!

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This year I’m making a Mommy Christmas List!!!!  Here are 10 things every busy mom should add to their Christmas list.

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New slippers are a must! In our house my husband and I get new slippers from our kids every year.

slippers for women

women's slippers



Add a good book to your Christmas list. These two books are amazing and are just for you! You’ll feel relaxed and inspired while reading these.

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Every mom needs a cozy fleece pullover! I love wearing my fleece pullover to soccer practice or just around the house.

Women's fleece pullover


Maybe a little technology? These are great Christmas list ideas for moms.

My older kids are always stealing my ear buds! For me they are a must for my workouts, listening to audio books and podcasts.

How about some lenses for your phone??? Have you tried these yet?

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Some beauty finds to add to your Mommy Christmas List.

This is wine soap!!!

wine soap

Christmas gifts for mom



Last but certainly not least, ask for some new sweats! Not just regular sweatpants though, pick out something nice.

Christmas gifts for mom

Christmas gifts for moms

Christmas gift ideas for busy moms. Make a mommy Christmas list.

Ok, now it’s time for you to make you mommy Christmas list! What’s on your list?

Written by: Devon


  1. Kristin's Peppermints and Cherries | 20th Nov 19

    House slippers are definitely on my list! I’m always pulling out my socks to keep my feet warm!

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