Living With Less: How Decluttering Can Improve Your Life

5 Ways Decluttering can improve your life.


Are you looking for an incentive to declutter your home? Do you need help curbing your hoarding addiction? Then you have come to the right place! We’re all a little guilty when it comes to collecting stuff. Those things that ultimately become clutter in our living spaces.


By being honest with ourselves, admitting we don’t need everything we own, we can improve our lives by getting rid of those items that we really don’t need.


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How? Well, decluttering your home will…



Improve your mental state.

A tidy house is a tidy mind, right? If your home is a mass of stuff and clutter, then you may feel stressed out because of it. As the mass of stuff you own grows and becomes out of control, your stress and anxiety levels may match. You need to get on top of the insurmountable task of having a clear-out to clear both your home and your mind. Let this be the motivation to get on with it, even if your stress levels spark the ‘flight’ instead of ‘fight’ response.


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Improve your social life

If your living room is a dumping ground for the kid’s toys, office paperwork, and anything else that can’t seem to find a home, then you may be embarrassed to have your friends around on a regular basis. Especially when their homes are always spic and span. You may feel like a slob by comparison when considering the unsightly mess that is your home. By having a clear out of stuff you don’t need, you will finally be able to invite your mates around for a coffee again, without any risk of embarrassment.



Improve your bank balance

If you have something you don’t need, why keep it? Instead, put your unwanted belongings to good use by getting rid of them and netting yourself some cash. You can then use this money to go towards your savings, or (provided you don’t go overboard with more clutter), replace old items with things that might actually benefit your life. Amazon, eBay and Eames furniture are just some of the online marketplaces at your disposal.



Improve your time at home

Do you enjoy being at home? You won’t if you are constantly stumbling over discarded items on the floor, or having to do more housework than is reasonably necessary because of the clutter that pervades your home. By getting organised, and by removing any needless clutter, you will both a) leave yourself less prone to the risk of the health and safety nightmare that is your home, and b) have more time to relax at home, without the worry of unwanted clutter catching your eye and impinging on your downtime. The Finnish Way is a great book that will inspire you to live a simpler way of life and explain exactly how and why you should do it. 



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Improve your life in so many ways

You won’t miss a bill payment because your letters got misplaced in your clutter. Your kids won’t throw tantrums when they can’t find their favorite toys. You will find those cherished items that you thought were lost forever. You will be able to use your guest room as a place for actual guests, instead of the intruding accumulation of your never-ending clutter. Your life will be improved in lots of ways, above and beyond what we have already mentioned, so we have one final question for you…


Isn’t it time you lived with less? Think of the ways your life will improve if you do!


5 Ways Decluttering can improve your life.

Written by: Devon

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