The Fastest Way To Clean Your Laundry Room

The fastest way to clean your laundry room.

When it comes to cleaning, most of us make sure the floors are clean and the dishes are done. How often do you clean your laundry room though?



If you really think about it, the laundry room is most likely one of the dirtiest places in your home, besides the bathroom of course. All the dirty, nasty clothes and towels collect and get washed in there. In my case, I have military pt’s, clothes from three girls, my workout clothes and my daughter’s soccer and cross-country clothes. Yuck!!! I am getting real here and showing you what my laundry room looks like before I do my cleaning.


The fastest way to clean your laundry room.


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Besides cleaning your washing machine, you should give your entire laundry room a quick clean once a week. Keep reading to find out the fastest way to clean your laundry room. Well besides hiring someone to do it for you.


Get the washing machine clean


The fastest way to clean your laundry room.


I know a lot of people suggest using vinegar to clean washing machines, but I prefer something different. I simply run the empty washer on a normal cycle with the usual amount of laundry soap. Make sure to use the hottest water setting.



Take everything out

Start by removing everything from your laundry room, except the washer and dryer of course. Remove the laundry hampers and baskets to clear the way for your speed cleaning! In our laundry room, I keep my empty baskets which I use for clean laundry as well as two smaller baskets for sorting dirty laundry. These small round baskets are not expensive and work perfectly.



Start at the top

Wipe down the corners of the ceiling to remove any cobwebs or lint that has accumulated. It makes sense to start at the top because that darn lint flies everywhere!!! I like to use a Swiffer duster for this, then I quickly do the walls too.


Wipe the appliances


The fastest way to clean your laundry room.


I’ve tried using wet clothes to wipe the washer and dryer, but the lint doesn’t cooperate. Used dryer sheets work great for removing dust and lint. After wiping the washer and dryer with the dryer sheet use a damp cloth to remove any stuck on soap or dirt.



Vacuum and Swiffer the floor

Run the vacuum over the floor followed by a quick wet mop or Swiffer.

All that’s left is to empty the trash and put everything back. Once the washing machine has finished its cycle, make sure to open the lid so it can dry out.

Here are the after pictures from my laundry room cleaning.


The fastest way to clean your laundry room.


That’s it!!! It’s so fast and easy, yet still effective.


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The fastest way to clean your laundry room.


How often do you actually clean your laundry room?

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  1. Lauren Jumrukovski | 5th Feb 19

    These are great tips for cleaning the laundry room! It’s important and a room I can sometimes overlook during regular cleans!

    • | 5th Feb 19

      Thanks so much! It is easy to overlook. If I don’t put it in my to do list, I definitely forget.

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