What Your Family Home Needs To Stand The Test Of Time

If you’re going to create a family home that will stand the test of time, it’s crucial you think about certain elements in advance.

What your family home needs to stand the test of time. How to create a family home.

Here, I’ll talk you through a few things that will give your family home longevity so you can have peace of mind. Enjoy!

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Washable/Wipeable Materials And Surfaces

It’s a good idea to consider the materials of your home in advance so that they can be as washable and wipeable as possible – this is especially important if there are children and pets in your family. You’ll be so thankful that you don’t have to worry about any dirty finger marks and your home will stay beautiful for a long time.

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Go for plastic or resin dining chairs over fabric, and make sure you can wash your sofa covers. Paint should be washable too, and glass and perspex should be minimized if you want to avoid those dreaded fingerprints.Looking at things like Cabinet & Stone counter tops can be a great way to make rooms like your kitchen look great and easy to maintain – speaking to a professional will also allow you to discuss the materials that are best for your home.

Plenty Of Storage

All family homes should have plenty of storage.As your family grows, your belongings tend to grow, too. There’s a solution for every need these days, whether you want somewhere to put your kid’s toys or things for school. Toy storage doesn’t have to look childish. Check out these great options.

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Of course,you want your family home to be beautiful and functional, but it should have some personality too! You want the personality of your family to shine through if you’re going to enjoy spending time together in it. You could even consider involving the children in decor choices if you’re brave.


Having a large family can be magical, but it can also be loud. It can be difficult for kids to focus on things like homework, or it could be tough for you to focus on some work you’re doing remotely. You don’t need soundproofing found in music studios, but you shouldn’t be able to hear conversations going on in other rooms.

Play Areas

Your kids need a place they can play and mess up without worrying. Having a separate play area for them will stress you out much less and allow the kids to express themselves freely in their play. There are some amazing ideas for playrooms on Pinterest!

Other Considerations To Make

Make sure you think about everything; you want to weigh up the pros and cons when it comes to things like carpets and tiles,single stories vs. multi-levels, and more. For example, carpets can be super cozy in winter and help with things like soundproofing and insulation, but they can also trap dust and allergens and get dirty easily.Make sure you consider what’s going to work best for you and your lifestyle in the long run.

What your family home needs to stand the test of time. How to create a family home.

Which of these things will you implement to make your family home better in the long run? Leave your thoughts below!

Written by: Devon

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