3 Ways To Conquer Your To Do List

3 Ways to conquer your to-do list. Staying organized at home. Free printable to-do lists.

Do you make to-do lists only to set it aside unfinished? Or maybe you don’t make lists and constantly feel flustered. List making is an amazing way to stay organized and be more productive.

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There are three tricks I use with my to-do lists that make it easy to conquer my list every day. If you’re tired of seeing your unfinished to-do list on the kitchen counter, keep reading!

As busy work at home mom to three girls and Army wife, list making keeps me sane! Let’s face it; no one is super mom or super wife. We can’t remember all the things! As I look around my work area right now, I can see three different lists. Without those lists, I probably wouldn’t remember most of the things I need to do or ideas I want to remember.

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3 Tips To Conquer Your To Do List

First of all, you have to make a list! I know a lot of people that don’t make lists. When I’m making my list, I start with the most important tasks for the day. If there are things I would like to get done but don’t necessarily have to that day, they go at the bottom. Get yourself a notebook, piece of paper or a dry erase board, whichever works for you. I use magnetic notepads. I love these for my grocery lists as well.

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Don’t make your list too long! Let’s face it if you’re constantly staring at a list of things to do a mile long you might get irritated or give up. Keep your list at around six tasks, as I said before you can write the extra stuff at the bottom.

Do the big tasks first thing in the morning. By getting the big tasks out of the way, you won’t be stuck doing them at dinner or bedtime. If you’re a mom, you’ll save your sanity by doing the big tasks while the kids are still waking up as opposed to in the afternoon when they are full of energy.

One last thought, physically mark tasks off on your to-do list when you’ve finished them. It’s so motivating to see things crossed off your to-do list.

3 Ways to get everything done on your to-do list. Free printables.

Those three list making hacks have saved me so much time and mental energy. Now it’s your turn, grab your notebook or a piece of paper and get your to-do list started. As a bonus, you can get some free printable to do lists by clicking here.

Written by: Devon


  1. Alexis | 2nd Aug 19

    Such great tips! I’m a to-do list junkie and magnetic notepads are life savers!

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