How To Choose The Right Bath Towels

How to choose the right bath towels. Do you know the difference between different bath towels?

Should you buy thick or thin bath towels?

I’m sure you’ve seen how pricey bathroom towels can be. It’s outrageous that a towel you dry your body with can cost up to $30! Do you need super thick, expensive towels?

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My husband and I have different opinions as far as towels go. He prefers thick, huge towels while I prefer thinner normal sized towels. To make us both happy, we have both types of towels in our home.

Facts about towels:

All towels have a GSM or grams per square meter number which is the measure of the fabric weight.

300 to 400 GSM towels are ideal for the gym or the kitchen. They are thinner and will dry faster than heavier towels.

400 to 600 GSM towels are typically beach towels or bath towels.

600-900 GSM, these are the heavy duty, super thick towels. They will take longer to dry but will absorb more.


Towels don’t last forever. The fibers eventually wear out leaving you with a towel that smells funky and doesn’t absorb as well as it used to. You’ll want to consider cost when buying your towels. If you find that you have to replace then often due to stains and wear and tear you might want to choose cheaper thinner towels.

Drying time:

Since we have both thick and thin towels in our home, I can tell you from experience that the thinner towels reduce your drying time and energy use. Thicker towels, 600-900 GSM,  take up more space in the washing machine and take twice as long to dry. If you prefer to hang your laundry to dry, the results are the same.

-Are your towels funky and losing their absorbency? Here’s a quick fix.

Size matters:

When you have kids in the house, an over-sized towel may not be the best choice. Picture a preschooler trying to walk from the bathroom wrapped in an over-sized, super thick bath towel. When using my husband’s over-sized towels, I can wrap them around myself twice!

Different Fabrics:

Most towels are made of cotton. The look and feel of a towel depend on the type of cotton the towel is made of. The super fancy hotel towels are most likely made of Egyptian cotton or Pima cotton, while towels found at your local pool will be made of standard cotton. The more fancy towels will typically have a higher absorbency.

So what’s the verdict? I choose towels around 400 GSM, in other words, thinner towels. They are absorbent enough for bathing but don’t take too long in the dryer.

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Here are a few towel washing tips you might not know.

Wash them before you use them. Washing before use allows maximum absorbency.

Wash towels every three days or uses. For kitchen towels, you should put out a clean kitchen and hand towel every day.

Skip the fabric softener with towels. Using fabric softener may make your towels softer and fluffier but will decrease the absorbency.

Don’t overdo it on the laundry detergent. Too much soap can ruin your towels.

Which is best, thin or thick bath towels? How to choose the right bath towels.

Hopefully, this post gave you a little insight into the world of towel buying. Whatever towels you choose, following the care instructions and tips here will help prolong the life of your towels.

Written by: Devon

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