Are Your Kids Responsible Enough To Be Left Home Alone.

As a parent it's hard to know if your kids are ready to stay home alone. Follow these tops to get you and your child ready to stay home alone.

Are you starting to think about leaving your child at home alone for a short while? There are many reasons why parents start to leave their kids at home without any supervision, but most of the time is because it just makes things a lot more convenient for them.

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For most parents, leaving their children at home alone is acceptable once one of them is thirteen or over. Thirteen is the age that is widely agreed can be responsible and is also old enough to babysit younger siblings. Every family will have a different opinion and situation on the age at which kids can be left home alone. Carrying out a few of these steps can make being home alone easier for them, and should also give you some peace of mind.

Keep An Eye On Them

Just because the kids are home when you aren’t, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find out what they are doing. There are a few ways you can keep track of what they are doing. You might want to learn more about Family Orbit and the phone tracking app that they offer. You’ll be able to track your child’s location to make sure they remain at home, and will also be able to see their online activity while you were out.

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Child-Proof The Home

Don’t forget that it’s also a good idea to completely child-proof the house before you start to leave your children as well. For example, you can cover all plug sockets with child-friendly covers if they will be watching younger siblings. Adding non-skid mats to the bathroom and kitchen will also prevent accidents as well. Make sure that all toys, snacks, and anything else that your kids might need are on low shelves. That way, they don’t risk anything falling on top of them by trying to reach items on shelves that are too high for them.

Leave Instructions

It’s a good idea to write down a few different sets of instructions for your kids as well. If they need to turn the heating on, then you should leave them a few quick pointers on using the thermostat. If your kids are walking home on their own, it’s also crucial that you instruct them to let you know once they are home. You’ll find that getting them to do so can take a big weight off your mind once you hear from them.

Leaving kids home alone. Emergency contact information sheet.

Teach Your Child Important Safety Pointers

Is your child aware of what they should do in an emergency? If not, you should run through this with them. It’s also necessary to leave them a list of emergency phone numbers. One of these numbers should be a relative or family friend whom they will call if they can’t get in touch with you during an emergency.

As a parent it's hard to know if your kids are ready to stay home alone. Follow these tops to get you and your child ready to stay home alone.

Every families situation will be different. What steps do you take to ensure your kids are safe when home alone? At what age do you think it’s appropriate to leave kids home alone for an hour or so?

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