Tips to make moving easier.

Tips to make moving easier. Moving can be stressful. From packing to settling into a new neighborhood. Tips from a military wife. #moving #movingtips #movinghacks #packing #firsttime #checklist #home #relocating


So, there are the people who are super grounded in their life, who know what they want and stay in one place living happily ever after. However, others are a bit more of a free spirit, and whether this is good or not can be left up to debate. These moving tips will make your relocation much easier.



There are the people in the military who have to move from location to location, and the families who amble along behind them, setting up a new life in every location that they head to. However, when life gets like this, and you feel like you’re on the move again, whether it be your decision or not, you can start to feel the strain.


Nobody likes the moving process, and in fact, it’s the talk of the town for being one of the most annoying things in the world. You’ve got the financial side, the stress that it can put on your family, and the potential that you might not even settle in the new part of the country or world you’ve moved to when you’re packing your bags and on the move again.


I want to give you some ways the moving process can be made super easy for you, and how you can settle into a new location.


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Moving Tips For Moving Day

If you’re on the move again, you might have had to go through the whole buying and selling process again. If you have a partner who is in the military, the responsibility might fall on your shoulders.



The thing people struggle with the most is getting their belongings from one home to another, and moving in. You can get free moving quotes to see how much it’s going to cost, because some companies do charge you a fortune, even to take you 20 minutes around the corner. Always try and make sure you’re being savvy with your moving companies and take a lot of it yourself. The more they carry, the more they seem to charge. However, getting through the day is done easily with teamwork. Whether it be you and your partner, or you get friends and family to help. Keeps things super organized by labeling each box, and making sure that each box has relevant items!


If it’s a military move, they will usually send people to pack up your house and move it to the next location. Sound great, but many people have problems with their items being broken or even missing.


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Settling In For Good

Settling in is the bit that you might struggle with the most. Personally, as a military wife, I’ve gotten really good ad settling into new areas.



If you feel like you’re always on the move, you might not feel the need to settle in properly, because you’re never too sure when you’ll be up and out of the house again. However, settling in is important to soothe your mindset. It allows you to feel grounded, and part of the community. Try to introduce yourself to your neighbors and get to know them. Go to playgroups if you have children to try and meet like-minded adults. Having friends in the local area to socialize with is so important, especially if you’re used to feeling a little bit lonely.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a military family or not; the moving process is difficult. Make sure to talk to your kids and spouse about the move and how you’re feeling.


Tips to make moving easier. Moving can be stressful. From packing to settling into a new neighborhood. Tips from a military wife. #moving #movingtips #movinghacks #packing #firsttime #checklist #home #relocating



What moving tips do you have? If you’re a military family, do you move your belongings or let the military do it for you?

Written by: Devon

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