How To Bring Hygge Into Your Living Room

When creating a hygge living room, the main goal should be comfort.  There’s no right or wrong way to decorate in the hygge style. Find out how to choose hygge decor.


Home décor styles have changed tremendously in the past few years. One décor style I’m sure you’ve heard about is hygge. So how do you decorate your living room in a hygge style? That’s what I’m going to dive into here.


It’s a common misconception that hygge is a décor style when it’s a lifestyle. The definition of hygge is “ is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.” In other words, hygge is a feeling. You’re lifestyle, décor, and way of thinking can all be hygge.



When creating a hygge living room, the main goal should be comfort.  There’s no right or wrong way to decorate in the hygge style except that it is traditionally minimalistic.


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I would suggest using a combination of items with sentimental items and items that might be new but create a feeling of comfort.


Let’s dive in…



An easy way to create a hygge feeling in your living room is by adding pillows. Find the largest, fluffiest pillows and toss them on your couch. Cozy pillows will be great for cuddling up in the evening with your kiddos or spouse and talking about your day. Mix colors and textures to create an amazing hygee feeling.





Along with pillows you’ll want to have some cozy blankets in your living room. Even in the summer, blankets make a great hygge addition to your living space. Again, mix up the colors textures. Maybe you like faux fur blankets or a quilt that holds sentimental value, any are great. The blanket in the picture below is a weighted blanket. If you haven’t tried one, you need too. I got it for my husband for Christmas and he loves it!


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Candles are my favorite! In Danish culture, candles are usually unscented and used purely for the vibes and lighting. Most Danes burn around thirteen pounds of candle wax every year. Yup, that’s a lot! I prefer scented candles to rid my house of the dog smell, but whatever you prefer is great. The flickering light of candles helps to create soft lighting, which is calming.





Bright, harsh lights are not your friend when creating a feeling of hygge in your home. Instead, opt for soft lighting like table lamps or twinkle lights. I love decorating my mantle for every season using battery operated twinkle lights like this. Lamps with layered shades will help to disperse the light as opposed to creating a glaring, bright light. Again, creating soft lighting is key to a hygge living room.



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Bring Nature Inside

Fill a large glass bowl or vase with twigs, vines or leaves to display on your coffee table or mantle. You can also opt for wooden furniture instead of metal or plastic to help create a hygge feel. Danes love to bring the outdoors in by layering animal skins on their benches if you’re not into fur you could go the faux fur route by adding rugs or throw blankets the look like fur.




This is a big one when creating a hygge living room. The main focus of your living space shouldn’t be the TV but instead maybe a bookshelf or the ability to sit and have conversations with friends and loved ones. It’s tempting to scroll through Facebook or Pinterest in the evenings, but try leaving your phone someplace else and just being in the space.




No hygge living room would be complete without a bookshelf full of books. Any books will do, choose your favorites and display them. If you have kiddos in the house, give them their own bookshelf for their books. Not only will this create a feeling of comfort and hygge but you’ll be more likely to grab a book and read instead of turning on the TV.



This year I’m focusing more on creating a hygge lifestyle. I want to create more memories with my family and have my home be a place of comfort and relaxation to come home too. These hygge décor tips will have you feeling the hygge vibe in no time.


When creating a hygge living room, the main goal should be comfort.  There’s no right or wrong way to decorate in the hygge style. Find out how



How do you incorporate hygge into your living room décor?



Written by: Devon


  1. Ro | 15th Jan 19

    this post is so comforting. We need space and breathe in our homes

    • | 29th Jan 19

      Thank you! My years as a military wife, moving often, have taught me the importance of comfort in my home.

  2. Kristin's Peppermints and Cherries | 29th Oct 19

    I have become more minimalistic in my decorating styles in the last few years. I love less clutter, cleaning is easier. And I love a cozy living room. 🙂

    • | 29th Oct 19

      Less clutter means less cleaning.😊

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