Teaching Kids Responsibility Through Pets

How having dogs can teach your kids responsibility.

The importance of raising responsible children cannot be underestimated. When it comes to instilling responsibility in our kids, our pets have a major role to play.


Pets can teach our children how to be careful, considerate, but also teach them the importance of structure and essential duties. So what’s the best way to teach our children the art of responsibility using our pets as a teaching tool?

How having dogs can teach your kids responsibility.

I was given Pet Qwirks toys to review for this post. The opinions are my own and as usual I don’t promote products that I don’t love and use in my home.

Get Your Children Involved Early

The sooner in life, we get our children involved in looking after the pets, the better. There is a difference between families that
have pets and those that don’t. The children in pet-owning families are showing to have more empathy and emotional intelligence, but a family that doesn’t have a pet might lack in structure. The sooner we get our children involved in the pets life,
the more our children will learn the art of responsibility and knowing what the pet needs from them.

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How having dogs can teach your kids responsibility.

Small Responsibilities

A great place to start is by teaching your kids to feed and exercise their pet. Teach them how much food to give them and how often. Even toddlers can help feed pets! When it comes to exercising your pet, let your kids pick out some toys and give them the responsibility of playing with the pet every day. If you’re looking for great dog toys, make sure to check out Pet Qwerks. We recently received a box of toys from Pet Qwerks and loved the products.

How having dogs can teach your kids responsibility.

How having dogs can teach your kids responsibility.


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Gradually Adding The Duties

Start small, by asking your child to play with the pet. Cats are more self-sufficient whereas dogs require more socializing. If you have a dog, and you give your child one little duty, once they’ve perfected this one, you can add more. It’s a more difficult scenario with things like medication and alternative medicines like CBD oil (if you are wondering what is CBD oil for dogs, you can look at this link). Generally speaking, it’s far better for you to do this, but if your children are old enough, then you can get them involved. As far as the duties are concerned, there may be times when you won’t be able to do everything, so they will have to take the lion’s share.

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How having dogs can teach your kids responsibility.

Ensure You Keep Boundaries In Place

Behaviorally speaking, it is important to remember that you monitor the relationship. Boundaries need to be in place, not just, so
your children learn responsibility, but also just in case the pet makes a sudden U-turn. We don’t think it will happen to us, but there have been so many times when a pet has done something like this out of the blue. This is even more important when your children
are very young. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your children develop their skills when it comes to looking after the pet, but you do have the final say.

How having dogs can teach your kids responsibility.

Ensuring that our children have a responsible head on their shoulders isn’t easy. A pet can help to nurture that, but at the same time, we’ve got to remember that even though we are teaching our children responsibility, that we have to guide it. It’s not about teaching them responsibility so that we don’t have to be so hands-off with them in every aspect of their lives. After all, there will be things that our children aren’t able to cope with, either physically or emotionally, and this is when we have to remember that we are the guide.

Written by: Devon


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