3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe

3 Simple ways to keep your kids safe. As parents we want to wrap out kids in bubble wrap but we can't. Do these 3 things instead.

In the twenty-first century, it’s more difficult than ever to keep our kids safe. While the state of the world is not in your control, there are other aspects of your life that are. Keeping your kids safe is your number one priority.

As a responsible parent, you want to wrap your kids up in bubble wrap. While this is admirable, it’s not healthy. Instead, it would help if you struck a balance between protecting your kids and allowing them to explore the big wide world on their own.

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There’s no way you would allow your child to go on public transport on their own until they were old enough. You wouldn’t let them fly on a plane alone, or not buckle up when in the car. When you are driving them to dance lessons, swimming club or to the local playground, it’s vital that you also take the necessary precautions to keep your kids safe. Does your family have a convertible car seat? A car seat or booster seat is a vital piece gear for any family, keeping your kids safe when driving.

You also need to ensure that your car is well maintained, has an annual service and has airbags and side impact bars fitted as standard. While you can’t account for other road users, it’s important that you do everything within your power to keep your kids safe.

Need to get your kids electronic use under control? Here’s how!


3 Surefire ways to keep your kids safe.

Social Media

As your children grow up, they will be confronted by the ever-growing presence of social media. Children may feel an immense pressure to sign up for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and show off an idyllic picture-perfect lifestyle through a grid of pictures. Selfies that are perfectly filtered adorn our timelines making us feel inferior as adults. Imagine the effect this can have on your kid’s self-esteem.


Make sure that your kids understand the ambiguity of social media and make sure that they don’t become addicted to the endless scrolling of feeds. Lead by example and ban social media after 6 pm every evening. Ensure that you have curfews and strict time guidance for exploring the Internet. Most importantly, be there if your child needs to discuss anything that they are worried about online.

It’s also important to mention the laws of social media use and internet use for kids. There are age restrictions on the internet and most social media networks.

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3 Surefire ways to keep your kids safe.

When Out Of Sight

It can be most worrying for parents when their kids are out of sight. Your child might be at a friends house for a sleepover; they may have gone on a skiing trip with school, or they might simply be at the movies with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Try not to worry too much and try to raise a streetwise kid. Send them to a first aid course, show them the importance of stranger danger, and make sure that they have a cell phone on them should they need to contact you. Giving your children the freedom to venture out of the home, and make their own mistakes is a right of passage and helps them to grow up well-rounded individuals. You can only do so much.

3 Simple ways to keep your kids safe. As parents we want to wrap out kids in bubble wrap but we can't. Do these 3 things instead.

Follow this simple guide, and you will be able to do everything in your power to keep your kids safe.

What tips do you have for keeping your kids safe? What are your thoughts on kids and social media use?

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