Tips To Manage Your Families Finances

Tips to manage your families finances and save money.

Financial problems are one of the biggest stresses we have to face. They can be caused by many different reasons, such as sickness, losing a job or overspending.


When there is a whole family involved it can make relationships strained and cause people to be moody with everyone around them.  Just sometimes, it is a case of better money management until the crisis has passed, but if you are not used to living on a budget, that can be easier said than done.

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Tips to manage your families finances.

Make A List


Make a list of everything you pay every month, and also make a note of your income from all sources.

Go down the list of expenses and see if there are any you can do without for a while. For instance, you could go walking instead of paying for the gym every month, or do you really need to be a member of the book club where the monthly package just gets thrown to one side?

One expense that we cut was our tv provider. Instead of paying over $100 per month, we use Hulu and Netflix. The total cost for out Hulu and Netflix is $25 per month instead of over $100. To be honest, we don’t miss having live tv.

You need to look at all the expenses and see if there is any way to reduce them. The goal is to get your expenses to a lower figure than the income, and if you can achieve that and stick to it, your financial problems will start to diminish.

Tips to manage  your families finances.

Create A Budget


How much do you spend on coffee or groceries? Chances are you don’t need to buy your coffee on your way to work; you can brew it at home and save money.

Grocery spending is one area that seems to be an issue. There are multiple ways to save money on your groceries. Couponing, cashback apps, and meal planning are only a few. Planning out your families meals for the week will keep you organized and make you less likely to have to grab takeout. Another money saving tip is to make a grocery list and stick to it. Never go to the grocery store unprepared, it will end up costing you much more than if you had a list and a plan.

Tips to manage your families finances.

If you want some free meal planning printables and grocery lists, I’ve got some for you! Click here to grab them.

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Plan For The Future


No one can be certain what life has in store for them and being prepared with some financial security can be a great feeling for you when you have a family to consider.

People who have been married for years may suddenly want to separate and if that happens, having used a child support calculator and having agreed what will happen to joint finances will prove to be useful. Alternatively, it could be that there is an accident, which results in life-changing injuries, or even worse in death. There are insurance policies you can buy that will cover some things, but some life events you just have to deal with and hope that emotionally and economically you get through them.

If you can, save a small amount of money each month. Consider that money your emergency fund. You may be surprised how quickly this will grow and give you some peace of mind in case something comes up.


Don’t Be Hasty


Whenever you make a decision about your family finances, don’t be hasty and rush into anything. Sleep on it first, as often things look different after a good night’s sleep. Decisions made when you are tired are more likely to be the wrong move, your brain will not be as alert as it is the next morning.

Don’t Impulse Buy


Often, impulse buys result in the purchase of things that you cannot afford and do not need. Avoiding impulse buying can save you money and stop you from getting into debt. If there is something you really want, do some research first as there are so many options these days. You can usually find it somewhere else cheaper than where you first spotted it.

Technology has made it so that you can do this from the comfort of your own home, which for many people makes it a much more viable option.

Try the three day method. Wait three days to buy the item, if you still feel you need it or want it then go ahead. In my experience, after the three days, I realize it isn’t a necessity.

Tips to manage your families finances and save money.


Managing your families finances doesn’t have to be difficult. Take a breath and make a plan.

Do  you have any tips to cut expenses? Leave them in the comments below, I’d love to hear them!

Written by: Devon

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