The 5 Pinterest Tips Bloggers Need To Know

The 5 best Pinterest tips for bloggers.

I love Pinterest! Even before I started blogging, Pinterest was my go-to for finding answers to questions and inspiration.


Since I started blogging I’ve learned so much about Pinterest; it is a search engine. People from all over the world are searching for answers to problems, décor inspiration, recipes and much more!

Pinterest is my biggest source of traffic as a blogger. I’ve tried Twitter and Facebook, but Pinterest is always the winner. The thing I love most about Pinterest is that once your pins are on Pinterest, they are there forever. Anytime someone searches for something related to your pin they will come across your pin, your blog and your Pinterest profile. Awesome right?

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Since Pinterest has been so helpful to me and brought me so much traffic, I’ve decided to share my top five Pinterest tips with you.


1. Create amazing Pinterest images!

You’ve probably heard it before, but it is important. Think of your pin as a persons first impression of your content and blog.

Create amazing pin images for your blog posts. 5 Pinterest tips bloggers need to know.


On the left is the first pin I ever created for that post and on the right is one of the many more recent pins I created. My how my skills have improved over the past two years!


There are lots of programs you can use to create your pins. I use Canva to create all my social media graphics and pins. I pay for the monthly subscription, so my fonts, colors, and style are stored for me. As far as images go on your pins, choose high-quality images. If you can’t take a photo yourself choose a stock image from sites like Pexels or Unsplash.

Another great program to check out is Pic Monkey. I used Pic Monkey when I first started blogging, but find Canva easier to use.


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2. Make sure you have multiple pinnable images.

In each blog post, I have two pinnable images, one at the beginning of the post and one toward the end. Each pinnable image has keywords in the description so that when people pin it, there is already a pin description.

My post about a Textured Knitted Dishcloth Pattern is one of my most popular on Pinterest. I’ve created four pins for that blog post. Each pin is a little different.

5 Pinterest Tips Bloggers Need To Know.


5 Pinterest Tips All Blogger Need To Know

For your more popular posts, you should create more pins. I have three posts that are my top performers on Pinterest, each of those posts has at least four pins.

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3. Use keywords in your pin description and pinnable images.

An easy way to find keywords specific to Pinterest is to go to the search bar on Pinterest and type in the topic of your article. Under the search bar, you’ll see boxes with other related words; those are your keywords.

5 Pinterest Tips Every Blogger Needs To Know.

For almost a year I was adding images to my blog posts without filling in the description and alternate text. I’ve since learned that is a big no-no. If someone chooses to pin your content from your blog post, it will pull up the images in your post. When you don’t have alternate text for your blog photos, there will be no pin description for their pin, making it less likely to be pinned by others.


4.Pin often.

Whether you pin manually or schedule your pins, you need to be pinning at least twenty times per day. I use Tailwind to schedule my pins because let’s face it, as a busy mom I don’t have time to pin on Pinterest all day. Two of my favorite Tailwind features are tribes and the ability to schedule my pins out as far in advance as I want. Tailwind also has scheduled time slots, based on when your audience is most active and amazing analytics to help you grow your Pinterest!

5 Pinterest Tips Every Blogger Needs To Know.

If you schedule your pins, make sure that you do some manual pinning as well. Pinterest likes it when you pin live and pin the content that they suggest for you. In your Pinterest notifications you’ll find suggested pins, boards and people to follow. My suggestion is to check your notifications frequently and follow the advice of Pinterest. I’m not saying you have to pin something just because Pinterest tells you it’s a good fit. Use your judgement and decide if it fits your brand.

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5. Repin your content regularly.

The more your pins circulate Pinterest, the more they are seen, pinned and clicked. If you’re lucky, one of your pins will get pinned by a popular pinner and go viral!

If you’re using Tailwind to schedule your pins, it’s easy to set up your pins to repin to your boards and group boards. Boardbooster is another great Pinterest scheduler, but I don’t have much experience with it.


Make sure when repining your content to group boards you’re following the group boards rules.

Bonus tip: Tailwind isn’t just about Pinterest! You can also use it for Instagram. They will even show you the best hashtags to use for your Instagram post to get maximum exposure!

The 5 best Pinterest tips for bloggers.

I’m by no means a Pinterest expert but have done as much as I can to learn how to use Pinterest effectively. Researching on Pinterest, watching Youtube videos and taking classes is a great place to start.

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I’d love to hear any tips or advice you have for using Pinterest! Leave them in the comments below…


Written by: Devon

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