How To Thrive During A Deployment

How to thrive during a deployment, not just survive.

Thriving during deployment instead of just surviving means that you shouldn’t just watch time pass until your spouse comes home. Each day is a gift, don’t waste them just because your spouse is gone.


It is understandable that you’ll have days that just getting out of bed might be the last thing you want to do, but push through. Use this time to better yourself, learn new skills, accomplish goals and learn about yourself.

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In this post, you’ll get all the tips you need to thrive during deployment.


Setting Goals

When it comes to setting goals, set both long term and short term goals, in other words, set some goal to meed by the end of the deployment and some for week by week or monthly.


For example:

A long term goal would be to lose ten pounds or get into shape, while a short term goal would be to workout five days that week.

By breaking the goals down into short term and long term, you’ll stay motivated. By focusing on the short term goals the time seems to go faster.

Make sure to include the steps you’ll take to accomplish your goals.


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How to thrive during a deployment.

Goal Examples


Short term:

-workout a certain amount of days per week or month

-finish or read a book

-try one new recipe

-organize your kitchen


Long term:

-Lose 10 lbs. or get in shape

-Read 20 books

-Become a better cook

-Organize your entire house


One important thing to remember is to make your goals measurable. I use the example of getting in shape because it seems to be my main goal during deployments.

You can’t just say you want to get in shape; you must have a specific goal in mind. For example, take your measurements at the beginning of the deployment and set a goal to lose a certain amount of inches. Then retake your measurements once a month to track your progress.

Here’s a printable to help you set and track your goals! Simply click on the image and print it.

Thriving during deployment

Thriving during deployment

Thriving during deployment

Setting Financial Goals


Besides getting in shape, financial goals are the most popular for during deployment. I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of spouses that spend tons of money during deployment. I wouldn’t suggest that. Spending is fine but doesn’t spend all the money or max out your credit cards.


Examples of financial goals:

-paying off debt (look into the debt snowball method)

-save for a trip ( set a certain amount each paycheck that you will save for your trip.)

-build your savings


Thriving during deployment

Thriving during deployment

Ways To Stay Busy During Deployment

-Update your resume

-Get lost on Pinterest

-Sign up for a class


-Clean out your emails

-Blast music and have a dance party

-Organize your junk drawer

-Make a vision board

-Go to a movie

-Clean out your closet

-DIY project

-Give yourself a manicure

-Learn to play an instrument

-Read a book

How to thrive during a deployment.


-Do a random act of kindness

-Go thrifting

-Go bowling

-Do a craft with your kids

-Make a list of old movies to watch

-Rearrange furniture

-Do online surveys for money

-Call a friend or family member


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-Plan a surprise party for a friend

-Start an online business

-Do a puzzle

-Start a dog walking business

-Pack a care package

-Wander a bookstore

-Plan your dream vacation

-Try a new recipe

-Netflix binge

-Hand write a letter

-Be a tourist

-Learn to knit or crochet

How to thrive during deployment.

-Train for a 5k

-Host a game night

-Visit a park

-DIY beauty product

-Take a nap

– Wine and Painting night

-Plan a coffee date

-Walk the mall

-Give yourself a pedicure


-Volunteer at an animal shelter

-Try a new restaurant

-Have a yard sale

-Take a road trip

-Learn to coupon

-Host a themed dinner

-Walk your dog

How to thrive during a deployment.


-Head to the pool

-Take a yoga class

-Take your kids to the park

-Learn photography

-Make your own Christmas Cards

-Go back to school

-Take a day trip


Start a blog

-Have a spa day

-Learn a new language


-Roller skate

-Take your kids to the library


– Get together with the FRG

Click here for a printable list of Ways To Stay Busy During Deployment.

Self Care During Deployment


Self-care is especially important during deployments. Dealing with the emotions, daily tasks, stress, and work take a toll on you physically and mentally. If you pay attention to your body, you’ll notice signs that you’ve had enough and need a little TLC.

Something as simple as sitting quietly with your eyes closed and focusing on your breathing for a few minutes can make a world of difference.

Pay close attention to you’re feeling. Don’t push yourself harder or father than you should. Stop and take a few seconds to center yourself.


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Self Care Ideas:

-Take a bubble bath

-Read  good book

-Take three deep breaths

-Watch a funny movie or TV show

-Light some candles

-Get some fresh air

-Drink a glass of water or tea

-Listen to upbeat music

-Write down one thing you’re grateful for

-Write your feelings down in a journal

-Snuggle your kids or a pet


-Say positive affirmations


I know deployments can be tough but keep in mind that their homecoming grows closer with each day.


Here are a few things to remember,

-Take care of yourself

-Let yourself have down days, but don’t let yourself stay down

-The day will come when your spouse comes home, and it will be amazing!

-Absolutely do not isolate yourself.

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How to thrive during a deployment, not just survive.

Written by: Devon



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