Learn To Create Amazing To-Do Lists

Learn to create an amazing to-do list and supercharge your productivity. Plus free printables.

Do you make lists? I seriously make lists for everything! I have grocery lists, daily to-do lists, weekly to-do lists, running to-do lists…

By making lists, you’ll free up your brain to focus on more important things. You’ll no longer have to remember five million things at all times because it will all be on your list.


Whether you’re a stay at home mom or homemaker, this post will help you simplify and organize your life. I’ve got lots of free printable list templates to help you get organized and stay productive.

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Free meal planning and to-do list printables.


Here’s what you’re about to learn:


– How to create a master to do list

– How to break up your master

  to-do list into your daily and running to do lists

– The best way to fill out your calendar

– Time management tips


Learn how to create amazing to-do lists.


Making a master to-do list


A master to-do list is a brain dump. You know, all the random tasks and things you have floating around in your head constantly? Those will be on your master to-do list.

Grab your notebook and write them all down. Your master to-do list will be used to create your daily and running to do lists and help fill out your calendar. We’ll get to that later.

Once you’ve finished your master list, take a break. Grab a cup of coffee and relax for a few minutes before moving on to the next step.

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Breaking your master to-do list up


Now that you’ve created your master to-do list, you’ll need to break it up into your daily and weekly to-do lists.

I suggest writing all of your daily to-do lists at one time for the entire week. You can make changes to them if you need to, but having them written out will save you time.

Set out seven pieces of paper or to-do list printables and label them Monday through Sunday. You may have specific days of the week that you choose to leave open for family time and that’s ok, just set out the number of lists you need.

Choose the tasks off your list that need to be done on a specific day and add them to the correct daily to-do list. The tasks that don’t have to be done on a certain day will either get added to the daily lists that contain fewer tasks or to your running to do list.

As you add something to your daily to-do lists, you should cross it off of your master to-do list. By the way, your master to-do list will look like a hot mess.

Learn to create an amazing to-do list.


The Daily To-Do List


So you’ve crossed everything off your master list, now what? Now it’s time to add the tasks that might not have made it to your master list. Things like dishes, laundry, emptying the cat litter and grocery shopping should be on your daily to-do list.

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The Running To Do List

A running to do list is kind of like a honey do list. Nothing on this list will be time sensitive. Things, like fix the creaky door hinge or sew a button back on a clothing item, will be on a running to do list.

The theory behind the running to do list is simply to help you remember the things you might easily forget.


Fill out your calendar


This is where you go through your daily to-do lists and use them to fill out your calendar or planner. This process is pretty self-explanatory and simple since your daily to-do list now contains everything that you need to remember.

When filling out my calendar, I use different colored pens. Each category has a color; this makes it easier when you glance at your calendar to see what you have coming up.

Learn to create an amazing to-do list

For example:

Pink- kids activities

Blue- appointments

Green- work/blogging


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Time management Tips


Wake up early

Have a plan

Know your priorities

Use a planner or app to keep your schedule straight

Give time-blocking a try

Plan ahead

Plan time to create your plan

Set reminder, you’re your phone to remember appointments

Prioritize Tasks

Say “No” when you’re feeling overwhelmed

Focus on one task at a time

Batch similar tasks together

Eliminate time wasters

Have a morning routine and stick to it

Leave time for fun


Learn to create an amazing to-do list and supercharge your productivity. Plus free printables.


Hopefully, these tips will help you stay organized and sane.

What’s your to-do list routine? What lists do you make regularly?


Written by: Devon

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