Things That Happen To Your Body After Pregnancy

Things that happen to your body after pregnancy. #momlife #baby #pregnancy

Having a baby is an exciting time in your life, and you will see and feel your body changing every day. All these changes are completely natural and should be celebrated. Some changes, however, don’t completely go away and some can appear after pregnancy.

Many moms find it hard to come to terms with some of the changes, but it’s important not to dwell on it and start enjoying your life as a mom with your new mom bod.


Skin changes


Most pregnant women will experience some sort of skin changes from dry skin to the ‘pregnancy mask’ which is like dark coloring around your eye area. These should start to improve after pregnancy, normally within a few weeks. On Occasions some women will experience skin problems after pregnancy such as dry skin on their hands and acne problems. Your hands are down to washing them more because of touching your new baby, and the acne is from your hormones settling down, either way, they shouldn’t be around for long.

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Breast Changes


A few days after giving birth your breast will most likely become quite uncomfortable, swollen, hard and full of milk. If you’re not breastfeeding it will go down within a few days, but if you are, it will stick around until you stop it just won’t be as sore as at the beginning. Most women experience some sagging as a result of stretched skin after bearing a child; some find it difficult to see past this and consider options such as gummy bear implants but others aren’t as bothered. However, you chose to love your new body remember it’s just performed a miracle.


Things that happen to your body after pregnancy.

Hair Loss


That’s right that lovely thick hair that’s appeared from taking all the prenatal vitamins may well fall out. Some people explain it like having chunks of hair falling out every time they shower whereas for others it happens much more gradually. Either way some or all of it you will probably be lost over time. Don’t stress about it too much though, it will soon settle down, and your hair will be back to its normal growing and losing rate. Once your hair has settled back to normal, it’s a good time to treat yourself to a new cut and color as many women chose not to use dyes during pregnancy so you must be dying for that trip to the salon.


Back Pain


After pregnancy, your stretched out abdomen muscles start to retract and become strong again, and while your body is doing this, it can put much extra pressure on your back muscles. This can at times lead to back pain until they have managed to tighten up again. Great isn’t it? As if you didn’t have enough backache in the third trimester. Poor posture from pregnancy can also contribute as you’re now able to hold your old posture your body just needs some time to adjust, and after six weeks you should start feeling a little better. If you are still having problems after six weeks, it might be time to take a trip to a medical expert.

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Things that happen to your body after pregnancy.

Your Tummy


This is probably one of the areas that can go through the most amount of change. Just after giving birth your uterus doesn’t change much and is still hard and round, some people believe that their tummy will be flat right after birth, but this just isn’t the case. It takes about six weeks for it to go back down to its original size and no longer will you be able to feel it when pressing on your abdomen. The brown line that you get down the center of your tummy will also start to disappear. If you’ve gained some stripes from childbirth aka stretch marks, unfortunately, they aren’t going to go anywhere. Over time they will become less visible and a silver color but to begin with they tend to be bright red. Most people will experience some tummy flabbiness after having a baby, including the fittest of moms but if you complete some regular exercise, sit-ups, and other abdominal exercises, then it is possible to get your stomach as flat as it once was. Be wary and consult your doctor about exercise routines if you had to have a c-section as there may be certain exercises you are better off avoiding while you heal.

Things that happen to your body after pregnancy. #momlife #baby #pregnancy


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