Mommy Timeout Tips: How To Survive The Chaos

Amazing ways to take a mommy timeout and survive the momlife chaos. #momlife #parenting #selfcare #mom

It’s late afternoon, and your kids are driving you nuts. Your patience is wearing thin, and you’re about to lose it. It’s time for a mommy timeout.

We’ve all been there, there no shame in putting yourself in mommy timeout so that you can make it through the rest of your day without screaming at the kids.

The most difficult time in my house is from 4 pm to 6 pm. My preschooler is playing and wanting snacks, I’m trying to cook dinner, my eight-year-old is just getting home, and my teenager needs to be picked up from track. On top of all that I’m trying to damage control my house, so my husband doesn’t walk into a super mess.



Your situation might be similar or completely different; it really doesn’t matter. We all need a timeout occasionally; I’m here to give you some ideas of what to do to for your mommy timeout.

As much as we love our little ones, we can only handle just so much. Give these mommy timeout tricks a try and see if they help you get through the most difficult time of your day.


-Take a moment to step outside. If you have very little kids, you may have to take them with you, that’s ok, the fresh air will help lift your mood.

-Try taking some deep breaths and closing your eyes. It sounds silly and cheesy, but it works.


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-Stop what you’re doing and grab a kid to snuggle. More than likely you’re kids want attention, and that’s why they are difficult. Dinner can wait five   minutes while you spend time with your kids.

-Head to another area of the house, maybe your bedroom or the dining room. Escape your surroundings for just a few minutes so that when you go   back, you’re feeling less frazzled.

Mommy timeout tips. How to survive the chaos of parenting.


-Take a moment to head to your bathroom and find your favorite lotion, the one that you only use occasionally. Treat yourself; you deserve it!

-Grab a glass of ice water. As a mom, I’m addicted to coffee but have found that if I drink it in the afternoon, it makes me crabby and irritable. I try   to switch my afternoon coffee for ice water or tea most days.

-Positive affirmations are a great solution to mommy burnout. While you’re standing at the oven with a toddler on your leg and a teenager   screaming at a sibling in the background, say some positive affirmations.


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There are so many other ways you can give yourself a mommy timeout; these are just the tip of the iceberg. Whatever you do, the main idea to recenter yourself so that you can come back to mom life refreshed or as refreshed as possible.

Amazing ways to take a mommy timeout and survive the momlife chaos. #momlife #parenting #selfcare #mom

I’d love to hear your mommy timeout ideas! Drop them in the comments and help a momma out…

Written by: Devon

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