Toy Storage Ideas For The Living Room

Toy storage ideas for the living room. #livingroom #decor #toyorganization

If you’ve got kids in the house, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of toy storage issues. It doesn’t matter if you have a big house or small, kids will find a way to put their toys everywhere.


If you have younger kids, you probably keep some toys in the living room, which can at times create an eyesore. When the toys in the living room are stored properly, they won’t even be noticed. These toy storage solutions will help your house look more put together and organized.

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Toy Storage For The Living Room

In our living room we only have a few toys. Having a small number of toys makes cleanup faster and easier. Don’t get me wrong, we have lots of toys in our house, but most of them are upstairs. Here’s a look at how we store our toys in the living room.



Baskets are a great way to store toys. They look great and keep the toys off the floor.


Rectangular fabric basket


Round cotton rope basket



Round chevron basket


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5 Pack of wicker storage baskets with liner




Felt storage basket



Soft sided bins fit on almost any bookshelf and don’t have to look childish.


6 Pack of leaf print fabric storage bins

6 Pack of chevron fabric storage bins

3 Pack of tweed fabric storage cubes





Here are some furniture options to keep toys hidden from view.

Storage cabinet with doors


Grey fabric storage ottoman


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Hinged top storage bench


Coffee table with storage bins




End table with storage baskets



Toy storage ideas for the living room. #livingroom #decor #toyorganization

With all of these options you should be able to keep your living room looking great and still kid friendly.

If you keep toys in the living room for your kids, I’d love to know how you keep them from becoming an eyesore. Drop your ideas in the comments…


Written by: Devon


  1. Jaclyn Musselman | 29th Apr 19

    I love using bins and baskets to contain the toy clutter. That table with storage baskets underneath is so nice!!

    • | 2nd May 19

      Oh me too! Although I find that my youngest does like to dump the baskets out and fill them with the most random things from around the house.

  2. Courtney Kramer | 29th Apr 19

    These are great ideas! I love the basket idea. This is definitely something we need to work on in our living room.

    • | 2nd May 19

      Thank you! I’m planning on getting some new baskets myself since we will be moving to a new house in a few weeks.

  3. Carli | 29th Apr 19

    I love these ideas. We try to keep most of our toys in our sunroom and our daughter’s room, but of course, things migrate to the living room. These are great ideas for the sunroom though too.

    • | 2nd May 19

      Kids are like tornadoes, once they go through you’re left with random things everywhere.

  4. Amy | 29th Apr 19

    I always kept ours under the kitchen sink 😂 most people have cleaning supplies there but not me 😂 I love these ideas though!

    • | 2nd May 19

      I never thought of that! Great idea!

  5. Heather LeGuilloux | 29th Apr 19

    I love these storage options! It’s pretty neat that you can use a piece of furniture for multiple uses, like the ottoman with the hidden storage that you lift up. Thanks for sharing!

    • | 2nd May 19

      The soft ottomans are the best since kids tend to fall and bump their heads on corners!

  6. Sara | 29th Apr 19

    Ugh… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that I will not allow any more toys in the living room. Yet.. they’re still there!!

    • | 2nd May 19

      Kids tend to put things everywhere! Every morning I have to take toys back upstairs.

  7. Emily | 29th Apr 19

    I’m always looking for ways to store toys! I love decorative storage options that look nice and hide the toys away.

    • | 2nd May 19

      I totally agree! I like having toys handy for them to play with but not always where they can be seen.

  8. Patricia @ Grab a Plate | 29th Apr 19

    Your picks are all fabulous! I looooove each and every basket. I really think the ottomans are the best!

    • | 2nd May 19

      Thank you! Baskets and bins make cleanup so much easier plus they are cute.

  9. Nicole Kauffman | 30th Apr 19

    I love these ideas! We don’t have kids yet but as we decorate our living room with furniture, I’ve been trying to think ahead!

    • | 2nd May 19

      That’s a great plan!

  10. Jehava | 30th Apr 19

    What great ideas! We just got something like this for the living room, and it makes a big difference!

    • | 2nd May 19

      Thank you!

  11. Tori @ everyday wholesome | 12th Oct 19

    Those are great ideas!!!! And we need to meet bc I am an AF mom of 3 and we just moved from Alabama! Where are you in AL? I’ll bet it’s till warm (or hot) there!!

    • | 14th Oct 19

      Thanks! We actually recently got moved to El Paso, TX. I’m heading over to check out your blog.😊

    • | 29th Oct 19

      I would love too but we actually got moved to Texas.

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