3 Tips To Prepare For Your Spouses Return


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When your spouse is getting ready to return from a deployment, it seems like there are million things to do. Despite those million things you have to do, the excitement is overwhelming.

My family and I have been through five deployments, none of them shorter than nine months. One thing I’ve learned from those deployments is that it isn’t just about getting the house ready for your spouse’s return—making sure you have all the items your spouse will want and need when they return is also important.

They’ve spent the last few months away from home, and in most cases in constant work mode. My husband has told me so many times that one of the most annoying things about being deployed is the need to shave every day. I can understand that! Let’s get honest when your spouse is deployed how often do you shave?

Here are three tips for preparing for your spouse’s return from a seasoned military wife.

Make a list of all the tasks you want to accomplish around the house. Your spouse will be so happy to be home; they probably won’t notice if there is laundry in the hamper or the lawn needs to be mowed.

Stock up on your spouse’s favorite foods so that when they return, they have their favorite snacks. The last thing you’ll want to do after picking your spouse up is to go to the grocery store. I’ve found that a few days after my husbands return, he loves going grocery shopping, but keep in mind it might be an expensive trip. They’ve spent the last few months with limited choices as far as food goes.

You’ll want to make sure your spouse has all the hygiene products they will need when they return. Make a trip and buy their favorite shampoo and body soap. Grab a new razor for them; after all; they’ve spent the last few months having to shave every day. Gillette’s new SkinGuard Razor is a perfect choice. It’s specifically designed for men with sensitive skin or razor bumps.

The razor has a unique design with its SkinGuard bar positioned between the blades to minimize “tug and pull” and irritation on the skin. It also has a precision trimmer on the back for all those hard to reach places. It works best when paired with the PURE by Gillette shaving gel or PURE by Gillette shaving cream. The razor and all the shaving products are available at your local Walmart.

If you have a spouse getting ready to return home from a deployment, these tips will help you prepare. Make sure to take time to relax and pamper yourself as well.


Written by: Devon

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