How To Keep Your Kitchen On Trend Without Breaking The Bank

How to keep your kitchen on trend without breaking the bank. #kitchen #decor #home #kitchendecor

There is nothing that dates a home faster than an old fashioned kitchen. The problem is that with home decor trend changing so quick, how can you possibly keep on top of them without spending a fortune, and your kitchen continuously being in a state of renovation? Well, there is a way, and in the post below, you can find out some of the key tactics you can use to achieve this. Read on to discover what they are.

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The walls and floor

First of all, when it comes to keeping your kitchen on trend, it’s essential to start with a neutral foundation. What this means is that no matter how much you want to go for high-fashion, bright and bold colors when it comes to your walls and floors, you need to resist.


How to keep your kitchen on trend without breaking the bank. #kitchen #decor #home #kitchendecor


This is because color trends are the fastest way of dating a room, and if you don’t happen to have the hues that are most popular this season, everyone will be able to tell. Instead, it can be a much smarter choice to go for white paint instead on the walls. This is because white doesn’t not only reflect back light and create a pleasant environment, but it is neutral, looks clean, is easy to repaint, and is cheap as well.

Of course, when it comes to the floor, white isn’t quite such a smart choice. After all, the kitchen floors get a lot of wear and tear. Instead, a darker color in either hardwood, laminate, stone, or linoleum are the best choices, depending on your budget. The reason being that you can choose a neutral tone that will work well with the white and should allow you to add other on-trend details without creating an overwhelming space.

Cabinets and counter tops

One of the most essential things in any kitchen is the counter tops. Of course, as these tend to be built-in, replacing them as trends change isn’t very cost effective. Just the labor of pulling out an old fitted kitchen and replacing it with a new one can be prohibitive, not to mention the cost of new units!

Luckily, there are some strategies that can help you refresh your kitchen space without breaking the bank. One is to use repaint the cabinet doors to give them a new look. Although, it is worth noting that doing this often sounds easier than it is.

To get a flawless, professional finish, many people opt to use a kitchen cabinet refinishing service for this task. The reason being that they have all the expertise and equipment to make your refinished door look like new ones, instead of ones that you have gone to town on with a paintbrush!

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What so many people forget is that the way you use lighting in your kitchen can change the entire look of the room. If you pick the right lighting fixtures, it can really help you to stay on trend as well.

In particular, long units of hanging lights over the space where you eat are popular at the moment. Alternatively, you may want to use individual pendant lamps set over the counter top where you work most often, as these can not only provide the practical advances of more light but also look fantastic as well.


When it comes to kitchen appliances, keeping up with trends can be tough. After all, they tend to be relativity expensive, and you will want to get the maximum amount of use from them as possible before you throw them away and get new ones.


How to keep your kitchen on trend without breaking the bank. #kitchen #decor #home #kitchendecor


To this end, it’s smarter to go for white good and small appliances that prioritize energy efficiency and quality instead of style. In fact, by doing this, you will be keeping up with the environmentalism trend, as well as be saving yourself money over the long term. The cost of the energy that you use and the amount you will have to pay in replacing them when they finally no longer work will be worth it.

Of course, the great thing about appliances is that for the most part, you can have them built into your kitchen, which means it doesn’t matter what they look like. As long as the cabinets they are contained in are on trend, you don’t need to worry about their aesthetics at all.



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A simple way of updating your kitchen space, and keeping it in trend is by carefully choosing the fabrics you display.

One area in which this can be particularly constructive are the windows and the blinds or curtains you use to cover them. Of course, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on buying the latest designs, you can always have a go at making them yourself. Something you can get some detailed instruction on in the video below.



If you don’t quite feel up to creating curtains or blind, you can still get busy with some DIY sewing and create dishcloths and towels from fabric with this season’s latest patterns and designs. This being something that can be a great deal more simple, but still, give you that on-trend look.



Decorative touches  

Finally, when it comes to keeping your kitchen on trend without spending a fortune, remember that a few decorative touches can go a long way.

Of course, you can go to cheaper stores like Walmart and target to get smaller detective items like ornaments, mugs, and coffee and tea containers that are suitable for your kitchen. However, if you really want to save big, investing in decorations that allow you to change them, but can still be used again and again, like this letter board is a great start.



You can even up-cycle some old decorations from other rooms in your home or even the Goodwill store by spraying them a single color with a can of paint. Then you will have some fabulous accent pieces in this season’s latest colors with which to decorate your kitchen.


How to keep your kitchen on trend without breaking the bank. #kitchen #decor #home #kitchendecor


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