7 Sprinklers Your Kids Will Love This Summer

7 Sprinklers that are sure to keep your kids cool and active this summer. #kids #summer #waterplay #toys #backyard #summerfun #summervacation

Get your kids to play outside this summer with these super fun sprinklers.

Summer is my favorite season, besides pumpkin spice season of course. My kids and I spend most of our days outside playing in the water. Last year we had a large swimming pool but this summer we are moving so, I’m relying on sprinklers and other water toys to entertain my kids.


We all know how important it is for our kids to be active, but sometimes it’s difficult to get them to put their iPads and video games down and be active. Water play is a great way for your kids to be active in the summer heat.


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These water toys are sure to entertain your kids for hours so you can get a little break, or join in the fun with them.


7 Sprinklers That Are Sure To Make Summer Fun


Trampoline Water Park 2.0 

The Trampoline Water Park 2.0 fits all standard trampoline enclosures and will keep  your kids cool and active all summer long.


Inflatable Palm Tree Sprinkler

At 5 feet tall the Palm Tree Sprinkler is the perfect water toy to keep your kids cool in the backyard.


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Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler

The Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler is 6 feet tall and the perfect water toy for unicorn lovers.



Splash Pad And Sprinkler

For younger kids the Splash Pad and Sprinkler is a perfect way to keep them active and cool during the summer months.


Puffer Fish Sprinkler

Great for little and big kids. The Puffer Fish Sprinkler is rated for ages 3 and up.


Tidal Storm Hydro Sprinkler

The Tidal Storm Hydro Sprinkler allows kids to spin the sprinkler to send water flying everywhere.


Extra Large Beach Ball Sprinkler

Larger than the normal beach ball sprinkler this stands at 30 inches tall.



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7 Sprinklers that are sure to keep your kids cool and active this summer. #kids #summer #waterplay #toys #backyard #summerfun #summervacation

With all of these sprinkler options your kids should be entertained, active and cool all summer long. How do you beat the heat with your kids during the summer months?


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