Create A Backyard Paradise

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Summer is almost upon us, and you’ve still got a garden to work on! You want it to be a little slice of paradise this year, to help you bask in the warm sun and blue skies that are going to be on offer. You want the kids to have as much fun out there as possible this year, as you’ve been promising for months now that you’d at least get a trampoline for them to enjoy!

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However, paradise doesn’t have to be far away, and much work can be done to improve the look and state of your garden in the few weeks we have left. So here’s just a couple of little ways you can turn your garden into a wonder, as quickly as possible, and maybe even on a bit of a budget.



How to create a garden paradise in your own backyard.


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Think About a Climbing Frame


Kids love to climb, whether it’s lolling about on the sofa or climbing up a tree and getting stuck. If your kids have a lot of energy to burn throughout the day, make sure they’ve got something fun in the garden for them to use.

A climbing frame doesn’t have to take up that much space. If you’ve got big trees out there, you can fit rope ladders and hanging bars in between their trunks. If one of those trees has low branches, you can even provide a ladder for your kids to use to get up to them – if they’re going to climb the tree anyway, it beats having to pull out splinters from rough bark!


How to create a garden paradise in your own backyard.

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Install a Water Feature


Listening to the sound of trickling water, either out of a fountain or down a little stream, is just one of life’s little pleasures. When you can do so within your back garden just makes it all the more pleasurable! Not to mention, having a little pond for frogs to lay their eggs in, or a little waterfall at the back of your yard is going to make the area just a bit more magical for kids with big imaginations!

A pond is easy to place; just dig out a little spot somewhere in the corner of the garden, insert a pond bowl, and then follow the instructions on filling it up. You could then start placing a rock garden around it, and add garden gnomes and other sculptures, and pretend they come to life and that’s where they live! If you like the idea of a waterfall, to marvel at and watch birds drink from (because moving water is a lot more attractive than just a stagnant pool!), look at investing in an Tsurumi submersible pump. It’ll help the water keep on moving, and it’s great for smaller features like yours.


Create a backyard paradise #backyard #summer #garden #kids #family #home #summervibes #decor #landscaping


Paradise doesn’t have to be hard to create, and it doesn’t have to take too long either. Just a little bit of creativity and elbow grease!


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