Ew, What’s That Smell? Eliminating smells in your home.

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Realtors have pinned down a few smells that can help to sell a property and make guests feel welcome. The smell of freshly baked cookies or muffins and coffee can put visitors in a positive mood. Potential buyers are more likely to make a generous offer if there’s a plate of warm cookies cooling down in the kitchen. Smells are an essential part of our home experience, and the right scents can create an immediate feeling of homeliness.


The wrong smells, however, can lead to the opposite reaction. That’s precisely why, as a homeowner, you want to pay close attention to the bad odors that sometimes ruin your interior decor.


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Where does that smell come from? Here’s the answer:


The invisible risk you didn’t know about

Your walls have a lot of secrets, and because most homeowners don’t know how to decipher those, they can miss a large number of issues. Whether you’ve just moved in or you’ve been living in your home for many years, it’s always a good idea to arrange for a professional home inspection that can help you to identify potential risks. A dust and almost burn kind of smell could come from old electric systems that present a fire hazard. Stale and musty smells are more likely to be caused by a pipe issue behind the wall – as it can lead to excess moisture and mold formation – or water infiltration in the basement or the roof.


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The air is dirty. Period

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how often you vacuum; the room still smells dry like dust. Does it mean you should change your cleaning routine? Not specifically, but you probably need to check where the dust comes from and why you can’t get rid of it. Old HVAC filters are typically behind dust accumulation as they can’t catch any air particles anymore. Similarly, an old vacuum cleaner could also be an issue, as it doesn’t suck up all the dust. Take the time to clean your vacuum cleaner filters regularly.



Pet urine and smells.

That acid and bitter smell you get from cat’s urine can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to keep the house smelling fresh if your pet regularly soils the floor or potted plants. Cat owners can struggle with this behavior, and many choose to use deterrent products to control their pet. In reality, when your pet starts to misbehave, you need to consider the possible reasons for their actions. An anxious animal, for instance, needs reassurance instead of punishment. Sickness can also be a common cause, in which case, a vet can help you.

Eliminating smells in your home.


Dogs can be just as bad as cats. I’ve had my fair share of struggles with puppy pee on the carpet. The best way to ensure that the smells won’t linger is to treat and clean up the spot immediately. This pet cleaner is our favorite. It eliminates the smell and gets rid of the stain.



Cooking Smells

When the feast of yesterday comes back to haunt your nostrils the next day, it’s always an unpleasant experience. However, with a few tips, you can make sure that last night’s fry-up doesn’t take over your home. Cleaning your cooking utensils as early as possible will help to contain the smell propagation. Additionally, you can simmer your favorite spice in a little water to mask any lingering odor. Make sure to wipe your counters with a good smelling cleaner to get rid of food residue and grease from cooking.


Eliminating smells in your home.


Air fresheners can do a lot to keep your home smelling clean at all times. However, if you want to be aware of any potential issues, you need to make sure that you can identify the cause of unpleasant odors before deciding to mask them. Ultimately, your home might be trying to tell you something!


How to eliminate smells from your home. #home #pets #fresh #cleaning #petodor #house #homemaking #dogs #cats #kitchen #cooking


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