DIY Stamped Flour Sack Towels

DIY Stamped Flour Sack Towel Craft #crafts #towels #diy #kitchen #easycraft #simplecraft

When it comes to accessories and décor for the home, I like mine to be creative and one of a kind. Being a lover of crafts, I came up with a cute flour sack towel DIY to make my kitchen towels one of a kind.


These stamped flour sack towels can be made to fit anyone’s taste and décor. I love using flour sack towels in the kitchen. They are great for drying the dishes since they are thin; they fit into most cups and mugs.


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Supplies needed for DIY stamped flour sack towels:

Flour Sack Towels

A Stamp Of Your Choice

Fabric Paint

Paper Towels

Paint Brush

DIY Stamped Flour Sack Towel Craft


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There are hardly any steps to this DIY project. It’s so simple even my daughters were helping.


DIY Stamped Flour Sack Towel Craft






-Lay your flour sack towel out of a flat surface with something underneath it, so the paint doesn’t bleed through. Try to get as many of the wrinkles flattened out as you can.

-Apply a thin layer of fabric paint to the raised edged of the stamp. Make sure not to apply too much paint, or your image will turn out messy.

-Place the stamp on the desired area of your flour sack towel and gently press down. If you press too hard, your image will be sloppy.

-Reapply a thin layer of paint after each stamp. If your images start coming out messy, wipe the stamp with a paper towel to clean the excess paint off.

-Continue the process until your design is complete and allow the paint to dry.

-It’s that simple. Within twenty minutes you’ll have custom flour sack towels for your kitchen.

-There are so many cute stamps to choose from. For this set of towels, I chose a mason jar stamp and used navy and grey fabric paint.


DIY Stamped Flour Sack Towel Craft




Check Out The Video Below To See How To Make DIY Stamped Flour Sack Towels




Check out these stamps for some inspiration:



DIY Stamped Flour Sack Towel Craft #crafts #towels #diy #kitchen #easycraft #simplecraft



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