When Mom Becomes The Man Of The House

When mom becomes the man of the house. #momlife #singleparenting #militarylife #deployment

It’s so common for the woman to become the man of the house in the era that we’re going through. Whether it’s because your partner works away for large chunks of the year, or whether it be because you’re going at parenthood solo because your relationship has just broken down.


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Whatever the reason is, unless you’ve been a hands-on type of mom from the beginning, it can be a real shell shock to try and deal with. If this is being sprung on you right now, then you’re going to need all of the help you can get. Because managing a home on your own, as well as trying to manage all of the other things that go on in life, can be a super hard challenge to try and deal with. However, when you have your family to try and provide for, and a home to maintain, it becomes a matter of urgency for you to pull it all together, and become that man of the house.


If you’re struggling to adjust, this article should be able to help you out. Here are some tips that should help you run your home like a boss.



A List Of All The Important People


One of the first things that you need to try and do because you most likely haven’t done yet is getting a list of all of the important people that you might need to help with your home and have them on standby.


When mom becomes the man of the house.

Finding a reliable company to help you with all of your problems can be half the battle, but being prepared with reliable sources whom you know will get the job done for you, and fast, is important. One problem people never prepare for, and never know whom to contact, is an infestation. Pest Control businesses are whom you would need to contact, but you’d want to go through a company who isn’t going to do it unethically.

It’s building up your list of numbers like these that you should be focusing on because they are the problems that we struggle to deal with on our own, the most.


Mom The Builder


Becoming mom, the builder is a learning curve in your life, and a curve you’re only ever going to face when you have a home to maintain on your own. So to become mom the builder, you need to have a basic understanding of how to fix things around the home, and what to fix them with.

Having a toolbox full of the items you need around the home is essential, yet one that even your average household doesn’t have! I remember when I was in high school, my parents gave me a pink tool kit for Christmas. At the time, I thought it was a silly gift, but fifteen years later, I still have some of the tools from that kit.


It might also be worth watching a few YouTube tutorials to grow your skill base, just for when the inevitable does happen!



Keeping The Family Home Alive


To keep the family home alive, you need to make sure that you’re not getting wrapped up in everything you’re doing. While you’re becoming both the mom and dad of the home, you have to remember to have that chill time, even if it’s just a movie on the sofa with your kids every other day!


When mom becomes the man of the house. #momlife #singleparenting #militarylife #deployment

Although becoming the primary person in the house can be difficult, you can do it.


Written by: Devon

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