My Daily Routine As A Work At Home Mom

My daily routine as a work at home mom. Work from home mom schedule. #wahm #blogger #freelancer #momblogger #workathomemom #sahm #momlife #sidehustle #workathomejobs #dailyroutine


My daily routine is pretty much the same every day. I don’t often write about myself but decided to give you a peek at my daily routine as a work at home mom.


I’m not really sure how to classify myself. I’m a stay at home mom, work at home mom and military wife. I have so many things going on every day that it’s difficult to balance sometimes.


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I’ll start by telling you all the things I do. Besides the normal mom and homemaker duties I’m an Army wife. Army life isn’t easy by any means. We move often and never really know what our lives will bring from day to day. I’m also a blogger, obviously. Blogging tends to take up a lot of time for me, so I’ve had to learn to time block. On top of all the other things I do I recently started driving for Uber. The reason I started driving for Uber is that as a mom who doesn’t have family nearby to help out, it’s hard to work outside the home. If one kid gets sick then all three will get sick and I’d have to take time off. There isn’t anyone else to attend school and sports functions most of the time, so I need a flexible schedule. I really like driving for Uber and will eventually write a post about it. If you want to check it out in the meantime here’s a link. Make sure to sign up using my link to get your bonus. You can earn up to $1000 for your first 150 trips, guaranteed.




If you’re interested in starting your own blog to make money, this post has everything you need to know! 


Ok so we’ve covered what I do. Now I’ll tell you about my daily routine as a work at home mom.

I start pretty much every day except Sunday at 6 am. My oldest daughter has cross country six days a week starting at 6 am, so there isn’t really any sleeping in.



After dropping my oldest off at practice I work on getting my younger two ready for school. My kids are all five years apart, so I have one in 9th grade, 4th grade, and one in all day pre-k.  While they are eating breakfast I grab a quick breakfast and make some coffee, which I always have to drink in the car. Where we currently live, there are no school buses to take my girls to school so Monday-Friday I drive them to separate schools.


Daily routine as a work at home mom

Oh my goodness, once they are all at school I make a second cup of coffee and take a few minutes to regroup. School morning can take it out of you. Here’s a little fact about me; I almost always drink coffee from home. Maybe once a month I’ll grab a cup of coffee if we are at the bookstore, but otherwise I only drink coffee from home. It’s a great way to save a little extra money.


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At this point I usually spend about an hour catching up on blog tasks. I have to limit myself to one hour, or I’ll get sucked into it and end up wasting time.



The next thing I do is workout. I try to workout five days a week, but some days I skip it. Beachbody on Demand and walking are my favorite workouts. If I manage to get in some sort of workout the rest of my day goes so much smoother. I have more patience, energy and feel like I’ve accomplished something.


Daily routine as a work at home mom

Just writing about this is making me tired! But let’s move on to more of my daily routine as a work at home mom.

I find that doing the housework right after my workout works best for me. I’m already sweaty and nasty, so I might as well get some laundry and cleaning done. Again, I use time blocking. Housework usually gets about thirty minutes of my time except days that I don’t drive for Uber. On days I don’t drive I catch up on housework and tackle the jobs I’ve been putting off.


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After grabbing a quick shower I head out to drive for Uber for a few hours before I have to start picking my girls up from school. Most weekdays I make about $30 in two hours of driving. It’s not a lot, but it works out to be around $15 an hour.



Daily routine as a work at home mom

Usually, I stop at home before picking my kids up. By this point I need to sit and sip come coffee to get through the rest of my day. The rest of my day is spent like most moms. I cook dinner, clean up dinner, help with homework and get the kids ready for bed.



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Once they are all in bed I binge watch a show in bed. I don’t blog after my kids are in bed. I’ve had to put limits on myself to that I can have sufficient time to relax and unwind. Lately I’ve been binge-watching Call The Midwife. I love it!

There you have it, a condensed version of what I do all day. If I went into every little detail you’d be bored senseless.



My daily routine as a work at home mom. Work from home mom schedule. #wahm #blogger #freelancer #momblogger #workathomemom #sahm #momlife #sidehustle #workathomejobs #dailyroutine

What does your daily routine as a work at home mom look like? If you’re not a work at home mom, I’d love to hear about your daily routine too…

Written by: Devon


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    I would love to have some spare time for me! My baby boy is 16 months old, a bundle of joy and energy! Cooking daily for him and for my husband, doing laundry, housework…this is my daily routine. On my blog, I spend almost 2 Hours weekly…so…

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